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The Sales Buzz Issue 136 - Direct Sales Appointment Calls – Lots of things you might not know
August 23, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Do you know the difference between a Direct Sales appointment cold call and B2B appointment call.

Where will the objections come on the different types of calls.
How should you change your Introduction to stop them.
What’s the sales-strength scale and how could it help you.

For all this and a lot more free appointment cold call training read this week’s Sales Buzz...

Direct Sales Appointment Calls – Lots of things you might not know

When you call a Direct Sales prospect at home you had better be able to Introduce yourself and give them a real good reason to listen to you.

There is a big difference between cold calling a business to business prospect in their office to make a sales appointment with them, and an appointment setting cold call to a person sitting comfortably in their own home.

To be successful in Direct Sales you need an approach that makes the prospect want to know more, and want to listen to what you have to say right from the beginning of the call.

On a B2B appointment call you only need to stir the interest of the prospect and they will want to know more.

Then they can make a decision on whether to meet with you.

The difference this makes to appointment cold calls is this:

On a Direct Sales call you will get more objections and rejections at the start of the call during your Introduction and reason for calling stages.

On a B2B cold call the majority of the objections come later, usually as you try to gain agreement to a sales appointment.

So when you make your calls to Direct Sales prospects to make sales appointment, how do you make them super effective and prevent these objections. Read on...

Direct Sales cold calls Introduction – Brief, Benefits, Question

Remember these 3 words when you’re creating a cold call script for a sales appointment call to a Direct Sales prospect:

Brief – Benefits - Question

Your Introduction should be brief and only include the most necessary information to communicate to the listener who you are.

When you create your cold call script you want to give the prospect reference points.

Then they quickly understand who you are and what your company or your product does.

When you Introduce yourself and your company or product you need to say why you are calling.

This is where you add potential benefits for the prospect.

On a Direct Sales call you need to have a reason for calling with a big benefit that stops the prospect watching their favourite soap opera, snoozing in the chair after a day at work, spending time with the kids, and all the other activities that people do in their free time, and influence them to talk to you.

The objective is to get the prospect to answer a Question.

This first question is the start of their interaction with you. Up to that point you have done all the talking, and now you want a two way communication. You may be less than a minute into the call but you can see how much thought has gone into the call process already. The first Question that you ask has also got to be though about.

You have to decide whether to use a closed controlled question where you manipulate the listener to a position where they can only give the answer that you want, or whether to as an open question that encourages the prospect to talk.

Have you now seen reasons to improve your
Direct Sales calls

Often sales people and appointment makers only think about improving their appointment calls when something gives them a reason to.

Sometimes they wait until they need to make improvements because appointment numbers are too low. Other times they read something such as the ideas above. Other times it’s a desire to make more appointments and gain the benefits and rewards that brings.

So here are 2 places you can start to make some real improvements to your Direct Sales appointment calls:

How to cold call for Direct Sales appointments...

A full page of ideas and techniques for creating a great Introduction and a reason for calling.

On this page we look at a brief Introduction that gets right to the point. Then we follow that with an attention grabbing reason for calling. Use this page of free sales appointment training to give your Introduction a makeover and prevent many of those early objections.

See the free appointment training for a Direct Sales call Introduction at: Direct Sales appointment setting...

Direct Sales appointment calls First Question...

After your Introduction you want to ask a question to bring the prospect into the call and make it interactive. But do you ask a closed question and keep tight control of the call, or do you get the prospect talking with a wide open question.

On this page we give free sales training on this important stage of your appointment setting call. If you haven’t heard of the sales-strength scale then you should open Direct Sales First Question Technique...

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