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The Sales Buzz Issue 132 -Common Appointment Objections - How to get past them
July 25, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Last week we discussed preventing objections on sales appointment calls. We got a great response and a lot of people asking how to answer specific objections.

And guess what, many of the objections that you asked us about were the same. So in this week's Sales Buzz we look at common appointment objections, that you told us occur frequently,and we give you free sales training on how to handle them...

Common Sales Appointment Objections How to get past them

Get past those common appointment objections that constantly stop you from getting in front of customers.

When you make cold calls to prospects to try and arrange to meet with them do you get the same objections coming up on many calls.

I’m too busy. We are not interested. I already have a supplier. Well let me tell you, you are not on your own. These same objections are used by prospects around the world and in all industries and markets.

They are especially common in Direct Sales where the sales appointment callers contact prospects in their homes.

Imagine if you had a way to get past these objections and continue with the rest of your call.

How many more appointments would you make.

If you make your own sales appointments think how much more time you could spend in front of potential buyers instead of making cold calls.

Get past these common objections

In last week’s Sales Buzz newsletter we talked about techniques to prevent sales appointment objections.

If you missed it you can see the back issue at Preventing bad luck and appointment objections…

In response to last week’s Sales Buzz we received lots of request from sales people worldwide for techniques to overcome objections. And many of the objections were the same even though the sales people lived in many different countries from Europe, America, and many from UAE and Asia.

The common objections around the world are:

Just give me some prices.

I’m too busy to meet with you.

We already have a supplier.

We are not interested. (Even though they you haven’t given them any information yet)

If you get any of these common appointment objections when you make cold calls we have a page of free sales training that will give you ideas and techniques to get past these obstacles.

To see this free sales appointment training open Common Sales Appointment Objections…

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