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The Sales Buzz Issue 131 -Preventing Bad Luck and Objections on Sales Appointment Calls
July 19, 2011

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Prevent those early objections when making sales appointment cold calls.

Do you know what causes bad luck when you’re making sales appointment calls. Why you get so many prospects that have a reason why they can’t take your call or listen to why they should agree to a meeting.

Find out in this week’s Sales Buzz...

Preventing Bad Luck and Objections on Sales Appointment Calls

I often hear sales appointment callers blaming their bad luck when they get objections in the introduction stage of their calls.

These are the early objections that stop you before you get a chance to get past the first few lines of your call. You get them in B2B calls, and Direct Sales appointment calls as well.

See if this story sounds familiar...

I was coaching a team of appointment setters to improve the results of a few individuals that were really struggling.

I could see this one guy getting really frustrated.

He was making the calls but hadn’t made a single appointment all morning.

I listened-in remotely and made some notes, then we sat down together and I asked him about his calls and his results.

He told me that he hardly ever hit his target of 5 appointments a day, but it wasn’t his fault.

He was unlucky.

He was unlucky because all the prospects that were on his calling list had good reasons why they wouldn’t agree to a sales appointment.

All the prospects he cold called were moving their business, closing the business, just signed a new contract, not the decision maker, had spent their annual budget, or just plain not interested.

He was phoning prospects from the same source as everyone else on the team but somehow, he thought, he was getting all the ones that raised an objection in the introduction stage of the appointment call.

Overcoming bad luck with sales appointment training

I worked with him to build create a new sales appointment introduction.

The one he was using had a very weak reason for calling and it failed to grab the prospect’s attention. We made a few other changes, which I’ll show you later, to prevent the early appointment objections and get past the introduction stage of the call.

We role played this new attention grabbing introduction with its reason for calling that dangled potential benefits in front of the prospect.

We made those first few lines smooth, professional, and confident. The aim of this new appointment call introduction was to motivate the prospect to want to hear more so that they wouldn’t raise an objection early in the call.

He went back to the phones and made 10 calls using his new cold calling pitch. It worked, 2 appointments from his first 10 calls. No more objections and no more bad luck.

Bad luck is really smoke screen objections

These early objections on telesales cold calls or appointment setting calls, are usually smoke screen objections.

They are called smoke screens because they hide the real objection. Often the real objection is that the prospect you have called doesn’t see any benefit that they could gain from listening to the rest of your call.

A poor introduction stage to your call will cause the prospect to want to end the call.

Appointment callers hear the smoke screen objection and they think they are just unlucky because they get so many people that have a good reason for not wanting to meet a sales person.

By creating a really effective introduction stage to your sales appointment calls you can prevent early smoke screen objections.

You will increase your results, enjoy making cold calls, and approach each calling session with confidence.

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