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The Sales Buzz Issue 175 - Change Your Customer's Perceptions of Buying
September 17, 2012

Change what your customers think is happening when you are selling to them with a simple technique that will help you to close more sales.

Why should they see you as a sales person trying to sell to them. Don't fall into their scenario, create your own.

They associate pain and payment to being sold products and services so if you can change their frame of the situation you can change their associations...

Change What Your Customers Think
Re-frame Their Viewpoint

Change what your customers think is happening when you are selling to them.

Your customers will usually see you as a sales person and your products and services as having a cost, but if you can change that frame you can sell more.

When you contact potential customers, by making appointments, sending information, talking to them in retail sales outlets, you can find yourself stepping into their frame of the world where you are the seller, they are the buyer, and your products or services are going to cost them money.

This is often what the customer expects and many sellers fall into their role in this scene.

The customer expects the seller to try and sell them something that will have a cost, and many sales people will attempt to make the sale in a way that falls into line with this expectation.

But what if you could change that perception and give them a new frame through which they see this situation.

A new scenario where the product or service isn’t going to cost the buyer money, and you are there as an advisor, not a sales person.

It can take a leap of faith to change how you sell and move away from the old ways of closing sales, but if you can make that change it can be very lucrative.

Start by giving what you sell a financial benefit that the customer can gain with your help

  • List all the benefits that a buyer could get from your products or services.
  • Next to each one add a monetary value that the buyer could save or make.
  • Note how they will gain this financial benefit.

All you need now is a way of building these financial benefits into your sales scripts with customers.

Telesales callers, retail sales people, B2B sellers and Direct Sales professionals can all use this technique. It takes a bit of practice and a change in how you frame the selling situation which will change how the customer frames it as well.

See yourself as an advisor not a seller. You are advising the buyer how to save or make money. Get this right and the whole relationship between you and your customer changes. Build it into your sales process, add it to your sales scripts, and many of the old objections just don’t get raised. And that means you close more sales.

To see how to create a sales process, that can include this technique, using your own words and you can make it specific for your product or service, take a look at Sales Training course...

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