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The Sales Buzz Issue 232 - Build Value in Your Sales Presentation
July 28, 2014

Build Value in Your Sales Presentation

Build value that’s quantifiable into your products and services when you give your sales presentation and your customers will see the benefits more clearly and you will close more sales.

I’m sure you like me use benefits and features into your proposal to the customer. You present the features that will provide the benefits that the customer has indicated they want during the questioning stage of the selling process. To take this a step further and build in a quantifiable benefit that the customer can perceive and measure by doing the exercise below.

How to Build Value

Follow these steps to build value for your products and services:

1. Take a piece of paper or a spreadsheet on your computer or tablet.

2. List all the features of the products and services that you sell in a column going down the page.

3. Next to each feature add a brief note on how it makes money or cuts costs for your customer.

4. In a 3rd column add a note comparing the features with something the buyer already has, or uses, or has had in the past, to show how your product or service gives them savings or added value.

For example:

If a feature of your product is that it lasts longer than others then list all the quantifiable benefits linked to this feature. This could be the reduced cost of delivery, or less costs over the year.

Be specific with the savings or added value your proposal will give to the customer. And remember, you are doing this for each of the features of the products or services not the whole product. By doing this for each feature you can build up a long list of savings or additional value.

In column 3 you start building value for specific customers or prospects you are working with. Use the information you have on your prospects and compare what they do now with what they will do after they buy from you. Look at how they will save money, time, man-hours, maintenance costs, and any other savings. Then look at what added value they will get and start to put measurable values to these benefits.

At first you might struggle to put a measurable value to some of the benefits that are given to your prospects by the features of your sales proposal. But with practice you will see connections and develop this value building sales technique.

Here are some examples :

a) You can save a customer time but how do you put a value to the saved time. Look at what else the person you are saving the time for could be doing with that time. Can a value be put on that.

b) If you are selling advertising or marketing, how many new leads will your service bring in for the buyer. Look at the expected numbers and put a value on the sales they will get.

c) How about IT services, software, or communications. Discuss the potential monetary benefits if the customer purchased a cheaper product and their system went down. How much would that cost the customer.

Think about how your services will be used. Will your products do more of what they do, will they do it faster, and will the presentation they produce be better. Then put a value on what they do and show how the products will pay for themselves. Make your products appear free.

With practice you will see patterns building up where you link certain features to money saving or money making benefits. These benefits can then be presented to the customer using comparisons of their situation now against the financial situation when they are using your products or services.

The result is a new situation where the buyer will be in a financially positive position having made a purchase that pays for itself, continues to save money, or makes money for the buyer.

Build this Sales value Technique Into Your Sales Pitch

The Selling Success Training Course is how I train my sales teams to build their sales pitches.

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Using this workbook sales course you, like them, can build a sales pitch that includes techniques like the value building we have discussed above.

Try it for yourself and see how it focuses your sales pitch on moving your prospects with you through the sales stages and towards closing the deal.

Whether you are new to sales and want a guide to creating a really effective selling process, or a seasoned sales professional that wants to re-focus and update your techniques, this sales training course will be a great benefit for you.

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