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The Sales Buzz Issue 169 - Another Cold Telesales Call
August 07, 2012

Another cold telesales call and proof that there are many sales people out there that really don't have a clue about how to sell.

See what you think, check you're not making similar mistakes, no I know you're not, and then see how easy it is to be better than the untrained competition...

Another Cold Telesales Call

Another cold telesales call and more reasons why many sales people fail.

This time from a recruitment agency trying to get me to consider a candidate they have on their books that has a track record in my industry.

The tele-caller goes straight into telling me all about this fantastic candidate that they have been really lucky to come across.

I get a full minute of superlatives with no specific detail.

I get many calls like this, no structure, straight into a presentation, and no questions to qualify me as a potential customer.

This one was unusually bad because one of the features of their product, the sales candidate, was that they had extensive knowledge within my industry in an area around the south coast. As my team work in the North West this candidate would be of no use to me even if I had a vacancy, which I haven’t.

Just how bad can a cold telesales call get:

Straight into presenting the features of their product.

Vague information with no benefits to me.

No questions to gain an understanding of my needs, or whether I had any.

And the worse part of the sales call was that the seller assumed I would consider using their recruitment agency in the future if I had a vacancy. They obviously had no idea of sales structure or how to sell, was I really going to take their recommendation about a sales person.

Not only has the telesales caller not got a commitment from me this time, he has damaged the reputation of his company and any chance of me using them in the future.

Use a Sales Structure and Sound Professional

Before you can sell the benefits of a product or service you have to know what the buyer wants.

Even when your product is a person, you need to qualify the buyer as a potential customer. To do that you establish they have a need now, or that they may have one in the future. In the example above I would only qualify as a potential customer if I was recruiting or expected a vacancy. There may be a chance that I would make a position for the right candidate but the tele-caller would have to question if that was a possibility or they are wasting their time and losing credibility.

Once the buyer has been qualified as someone that could be in a position to buy the next step is to find out what they want, and that’s where skilful sales questioning techniques are needed. The other part of the sales call structure that was missing was the Introduction Stage. The caller very quickly gave their name and the company name and that was it, then straight into a presentation of the candidate. The presentation was really poor and certainly had nothing to grab my attention.

So another cold telesales call and in under 5 minutes the seller managed to ruin any chance of business from me, make themselves look foolish as the candidate lives over 300 miles away from where my company sells, and if that is how they market this candidate he will be unemployed for some time.

So what’s good about this situation?

What’s good is that with a little investment in your sales training and the use of a sales structure you can put yourself way ahead of sellers such as the one above. See how easy it to sell either face to face or on the phone and achieve Selling Success using a Sales Structure...

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