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The Sales Buzz Issue 82 - Affiliate program launch and Telesales training
July 19, 2010

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In this week’s Sales Buzz!

Affiliate marketing program launch

A brief message about the launch of our new affiliate program. If you are in the right business, with the right sales prospects, this could be a great additional income stream.

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Also in this edition of The Sales Buzz:

A Telesales Call from Google

I received a sales call from Google. Was it good, a superb reflection of a massive sales training budget.

Or, can those of us that have looked after our own sales development teach Google a few things about selling.

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Sales News - A new addition to the Sales Buzz

We look at sales and marketing stories in the news from around the world.

5 Rules for building a $23 Billion company From $300,000 to $23 Billion...

Ads that watch you: The next step in marketing...

Business advice from Texas: Small busines advice on getting through a recession from an unlikely source...

You can also submit your sales stories and news that you think others will want to read.

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Affiliate Program Launch

A brief note to anyone that is looking for another income stream for their website, Blog, or newsletters and mail outs.

If you currently attract visitors that are in sales, small business owners, or self employed people, this could be a great addition to your business.

The Sales Training Sales Tips website has launched an affiliate program featuring 5 Sales Training and Job Interview Preparation workbooks. These eBooks are instantly downloadable, easy to use, and easy to sell.

Here are some good reasons why you should consider joining this affiliate program:

  • 30% Commission on every sale
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See more about our affiliate program

I have received so many request from people that want to sell the workbook courses on an affiliate basis that I have finally agreed to do it.

Now you can add the sales and job interview workbook courses to your income streams and earn money online with these downloadable eBooks.

You can see the full details of the affiliate program at Sales-Training-Sales-Tips Affiliate Program.

New to Affiliate Marketing

If you are new to affiliate marketing this could be a good place to start.

Many affiliate marketing programs just give you a link and leave you to it. That’s great for successful and experienced e business affiliates.

But what about the people just starting out or new to affiliate marketing?

I run the Sales Training Sales tips website, and I wrote the workbook courses. I am just an email away for any advice or assistance that you need.

I’m not a web techie or Internet expert. But I am a salesman and my day job is a Sales Manager with working sales teams.

I can even help you to start an online business just as I did. You can see more on starting an online business at Earn money online.

Join the Affiliate Program

Telesales call from Google

Many sales people working for themselves, or in small to medium size businesses, often presume the big corporate organisations have highly trained sales staff that they can’t compete with.

These big businesses throw lots of money into expensive sales training courses but do they get a good return for their money.

Here’s an example of a recent call from Google that shows their telesales staff really do not understand the basics of making a sales call.

Telesales call from Google

I answered the phone and the telesales caller introduced himself. I like Google and their approach to business, so I was willing to listen.

I expected to hear a highly trained salesman using a pitch developed to perfection. As a sales manager and trainer I am always looking for new ideas and sales techniques so a call from Google got my attention.

I listened as the tele-seller told me who they were and why they were calling.

For me these are the most important lines in a sales call, whether it’s face to face selling or over the phone, the sales introduction is where you start to sell.

The introduction was average and used Google’s name and market power as a motivator to get my attention.

The caller told me how I could get to the top of the first page for sales trainers on a Google search. He explained it was free for a set time to allow me to make money from this offer before I had to start paying.

He went on about how I couldn’t lose as I had time to try the service before committing to pay any monies. Then he went back to using the power of Google and what it could do for my business.

And the more he talked the more he lost my attention and interest.

The basics of selling

You wouldn’t expect a salesman working for a big operation like Google to make such basic mistakes.

Here’s a list of the mistakes that show a real lack of sales training and knowledge:

How long should you talk

I started timing the call from when he introduced himself. I do this whenever I receive sales call, and when I am coaching sales people. The idea was to time from the start of the call to the time of the first question where the salesman tries to get me involved.

In this case I couldn’t because he never actually asked a question.

If your introduction goes over a minute on a cold call you really have to ask yourself if you still have the listener’s attention. The sales introduction should be short, sharp, and direct with well chosen information that will keep the buyer’s attention.

Where’s my benefits

From the start of the telesales introduction, to the point where I managed to stop the call, there were no benefits that were relevant to me.

The Google caller listed feature after feature of the offer he was trying to sell. The features told me what the service was. The benefits would have told me what the service would do for me.

Giving me benefits that were specific to my needs would have kept my attention and made me interested in learning more about the service. But the telesales caller couldn’t give me specific benefits to meet my needs because...

He didn’t ask a single question

From the start of the call to the point where I couldn’t listen anymore, not a single question was asked.

Without questions the tele-seller had no way of knowing what my needs were. He carried on pitching but most of it had no connection to what might have interested me.

Telesales is a hard job

Telesales, and all sales roles, are a hard job. If you haven’t had the best sales training you end up with one sales pitch full of features. Without knowing how and when to begin questioning you will not be able to discover the buyer’s needs, and then closing the sale will be extremely difficult.

In my experience poorly trained sales people end up with one sales pitch that is pure presentation. The only time they make a sale is when they come across a prospect that has needs that match the features in their pitch.

Building a good, effective sales pitch isn’t difficult once you understand the basics of a sales process. On the Sales Training Sales Tips website we have 4 workbook courses that will help you build a really good sales pitch. And, if you are quick you should catch teh special half price offers at Special offers on sales workbook courses...

Sales & Marketing in the news

The latest news round up from around the world.

Ads that watch you

Ads that recognize consumers are the latest step in the evolution of marketing. Watch this video of the next step in how you can communicate your sales message to your prospects.

Open Ads that watch the consumers.

Advice for small businesses in a recession

Advice from a small business to small business owners in a recession. A nice little video from Texas with some down to earth common sense thinking.

Open Small business advice from the Salsa shop.

5 Rules for building a $23 Billion company

Jonney Shih, chairman of Taiwan-based PC-maker Asus gives his 5 rules for building a $23 billion company from a start up capital just $300, 000.

See the 5 rules and see if you can adapt them for your business at 5 Rules to build a business.

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