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The Sales Buzz Issue 158 - A Conditional Sales Close
April 03, 2012

A conditional sales close creates a win-win situation when selling and dealing with sales objections.

Give this technique a try and negotiate a positive for yourself in return for any benefits you give the buyer...

A Conditional Sales Close

A conditional sales close is a great selling skill that will help you to win more sales and overcome objections as you negotiate with your prospects.

Negotiating a conditional close shows you how to turn sales objections into positive reasons to buy.

It adds a new closing technique to your selling skills.

You will close more sales and earn more money or grow their business.

This is a sales closing technique that will do just that because it influences the customer to buy now.

The conditional close works by giving the customer a benefit or a special deal that they really want. As part of this offer you add a condition that gives you something in return. A good condition to negotiate in return for the concession you make is for the customer to buy from you today or to agree to the next stage of the sales process.

If you’ve ever been offered a discounted price that only applies if you agree to buy the item today then you have seen a conditional close in action.

Overcoming Sales Objections

Use a conditional sales close to overcome objections.

A typical use of this sales negotiation technique would be just after you attempt a trial close. You have completed your sales presentation and asked the customer for some feedback on what they thought.

The customer answers with some positives but has a concern or a sales objection. As an example let’s say they express a concern over the price. If appropriate you might try to overcome the objection by offering a discount, or adding some value to the product by including additional features such as free delivery or upgrading the service.

In return for the concessions that you offer to deal with the sales objection you want something in return, this is how the conditional close works. So you add to your objection reply the condition that the discounted price or upgrade to the service is only available today. To gain the benefit the buyer has to make a decision now. It’s a win-win situation, both you and the buyer gain.

Compare this to the usual way to deal with objections where the seller offers additional benefits or discounted prices but demands nothing in return. The buyer can either take it or leave it and this creates a win – lose situation.

If you just give away the discount or free add-ons you don’t gain anything. This is not negotiating a conditional sales close, this is throwing freebies at the customer until they buy from you.

This is an important sales closing technique to add to your selling skills. It will help you close more sales and earn more money, or grow your business. You can see more on negotiating a sales close, and how to put it into action at Conditional Sales Close...

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