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The Sales Buzz Issue 251 - NLP Technique Sales Objection Technique
December 15, 2014

NLP Technique Sales Objection Technique

Easily overcome more objections by using this NLP sales technique to fully define how your prospect views the problem, and how you can turn it into a positive benefit.

We all get sales objections and any technique that works effectively to overcome them has to be worth trying.

Working with experienced sales teams I’ve adapted several NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for handling objections.

The aim is to enable sales people to define objections from the prospect’s perspective, to be able to see the issues they raise as they do.

Once you understand this sales training you’ll automatically add the technique to your existing objections strategy and that will increase your sales results.

It will also make dealing with objections enjoyable and build your confidence as you use a more conversational style of comunication.

The NLP Sales Technique Discovers Where the Sales Objection Exist

The issues or problem that the buyer sees that causes them to raise an objection may not be real to you and me.

It can exist in the real world, for example as a physical feature of a product. Or it can exist only in the buyer’s mind, on their map of reality.

For example as a belief that the physical feature of a product will cause them a problem. Even though you and I may describe their reasons behind this objection as not real, to the buyer they are as strong a reason not to buy as any real world objection.

This concept can take some understanding but think about it and it will make sense.

Have you had customers raise an objection about a price that they see as very expensive even though you knew that in the real world it was a very reasonable price.

Stick with me, if you can see how this all makes sense you’ll gain the benefits.

Sometime we, as sales people, make an assumption about a sales objection that he prospect raises and if this is our frame on the problem, and it doesn’t match what the prospect is thinking, the objection can then reside in the sales person’s mind not in the real world.

The 3 Viewpoints in NLP

If you’ve never heard of NLP before, don’t worry, I’ll explain all you need to know.

In NLP we say there are 3 viewpoints, or frames.

Imagine two people are involved in an argument.

There's another person watching who is unbiased and not in any way involved in the argument.

All 3 people may have completely different viewpoints on what’s happening.

The two people arguing will have different viewpoints, different beliefs, about what has happened and who is right or wrong.

If they didn’t they wouldn’t be arguing. These viewpoints can be real and based on hard evidence in the real world, or they may be a product of each person’s beliefs or past experiences.

The third person may, after observing, side with one of the two people arguing, or they may decide that both parties are not seeing what the real cause of the argument is.

They are probably in the best position to see what part of the argument is based on reality and what’s a result of the two people’s internal vision of the real world.

The NLP Sales Technique Discovers Where the Sales Objection Exist

start by Understanding Your Prospect’s Map of the Situation.

To start using this NLP sales technique become the unbiased observer, even when engaged in conversation with a prospect, start to see what they’re seeing.

Once this happens you will understand why they raise objections, even when the problem they raise has no bases in reality, or at least your version of it.

The first time you start to get this technique right you will find yourself asking great questions to define the objection, some won’t make sense in your old world but the buyer will respond because you understand what they are thinking and can see their map of their reality.

So how do you start to use this objection handling NLP technique? See a full page of sales training on our website at NLP technique for sales objections

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