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The Sales Buzz Issue 176 - 3 Step Sales Focus Process to Increase Sales
September 24, 2012

Sales people and small business owners often need a bit of directional motivation, which means a push in the right direction and getting their focus back on to what brings in the money.

In this week’s free sales training newsletter we give you a simple 3 step process to get you focused on selling...

3 Step Sales Focus Process to Increase Sales

A 3 Step Sales Focus Process to increase sales and take away all the confusing complicated stuff that distracts you from your real goal – Hitting your target.

Selling for an employer or for your own small business can have many distractions.

They make you lose focus on your real goal, your real reason for getting on the phone, knocking on doors, and meeting with buyers.

Companies can ask you to do many other tasks as well as selling:

Saving existing business, Selling a specific product because they are overstocked, or targeting a certain area or type of business.

Small business owners can try and market and network as well as close sales and this eats into their time.

In both cases before you know it the month is over and you’ve missed your target, again. Or, if you are on target, how much more could you have done.

Every now and again we all need a wakeup call, a bit of directional motivation, to get us focused back on the real target, the real reason we go to work, and the thing that keeps us employed and pays the bills. That’s where the simple Sales Focus Process comes in to click you into the right place buy asking you to focus on what’s important.

This quick 3 step process is what gets my sales teams back on track and focused on what we are judged and measured on. It’s nothing scientific, not complicated, and will only take 5 minutes to use it, so give it a go, see what you think.

Here’s Step 1

Make sure you fully understand what you have to sell each sales period.

You need to know what to sell to achieve your sales target. And you need to know how get the most benefit for you from your selling time.

When you know what your sales target is you can then break it down into smaller targets for shorter time periods.

For example:

If you have a target of 20 units a month you could chunk it down into 5 units a week, or 1 unit per working day. Then you have a simple daily target to aim for.

That’s the first selling tip: Work out what your daily target is and know how to get the most benefit for yourself from your sales.

See, told you it was simple, the best sales training always is. It works because by doing the simple exercise you focus on what is really important in your role. Take a look at Step 2 of this Selling Tip...

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