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The Sales Buzz Issue 156 -When to Close a Sale and Gain an Advantage
March 18, 2012

Most sales people don't give any conscious thought to when they should start closing the sale. So here are some suggestions...

When to Close a Sale and Gain an Advantage

When to close a sale is something many sellers do without thinking about the most effective way to do it.

What about you, have you ever thought about when you should try to close the sale, or do you just do it without thinking, with unconscious competence.

If you do, let me ask you to take a step back and become consciously aware of what you do while you are selling.

When you first learned how to sell you were probably given a sales process and somewhere along the path, from first contact with a prospect to them becoming a customer, you will have been given a position for the closing stage.

Now time has passed since you first learned these sales skills and maybe you sell a different product or to a different market, but have you changed where in your sales process you start to close the sale or do you just do it.

If you read sales training books, see online courses, or attend live sales events, you will see lots of ways to overcome objections, start your introduction, and give great sales presentations. It appears that every part of the sales process is looked at and changes can be made to make each stage more effective. Except for when you actually close the sale.

No one focuses on when the closing stage starts. You get a few trainers who have said you should always be closing, or close as soon as you get a buying signal, but is that really useful when creating a sales pitch for your products and services.

So there is a gap in traditional sales training and that’s something we can use to give us an advantage.

Sales Closing Skills to Give You an Advantage

Think about it, if you were selling a low priced item on a market stall would you close at a different time and in a different way than if you were selling high value services with a contract. Yes, sure you would, one requires a longer process and the other will be a short sale based more on impulse than logic. So where do your products and services fit into this picture.

One way to decide is to consider how much information a prospect needs to make a decision to buy from you. If your sales are based on emotional sales techniques then the close can come a lot earlier than it would for a sale made with more logical leverage.

The closing stage of a sale can be as short as a one line push to get a retail customer to give in to their emotional desires, or agreement gaining and closing techniques woven into every stage of a longer sales process. That’s not to say that if the opportunity to close presents itself anywhere in the sales process we shouldn’t take it. Think of this as preparation, a guide to help you to control the interaction between you and the buyer, and a map of how you will get to the final destination, the agreement of the sale.

To help you to decide where in the sale stages you should plan to begin to close the sale take a look at a free excerpt from a sales closing course that will give you an advantage by opening Sales Closing Skills.

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