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The Sales Buzz Issue 204 - Look for Unusual Sales Features to Close More Sales
May 15, 2013

In this week’s Sales Buzz Ezine:

When you find a prospect who wants the benefit of an unusual sales feature you have a potential customer with specific needs and that makes closing easy, read more...

Look for Unusual Sales Features to Close More Sales

There are hundreds of unusual sales features that your product or service has that you take for granted because any benefits they may offer are not obvious or of benefit to many prospects.

If you can find an unusual need that a buyer, has that can be met by a feature of your product, you have a great opportunity because the need will be specific and this makes closing a lot easier. Here’s an example:

A sales person in the waste collection industry sells a service where other waste collection companies can tip at their landfill site.

A feature of their landfill site is that they have hard standing concrete bays where the waste can be tipped from customer’s trucks.

This unusual sales feature is often overlooked by sales people making their presentations because the benefits of it are not obvious and are rarely asked for by prospects.

The seller noticed that the prospect had a fleet of new shiny trucks.

So they pointed out the damage that could be caused to the new trucks if the buyer took waste to a landfill site that didn't have concreted tipping areas:

Punctures, damaged axles, leaking oil sumps, scratches to the bight new paintwork, and then there is the mess and the smell.

That was the deal closer.

This unusual sales feature that rarely comes up in conversations with prospects offered a specific benefit that this buyer wanted.

What are your product’s unusual sales features

Now it’s your turn and this is a great exercise for in the car on the way to appointments to get you in the right motivated state for selling.

In your mind go through all the features of your product that at the moment you think have no real benefits to offer the buyer.

Here’s the challenge, come up with possible situations where these unusual sales features could have a benefit for a buyer.

Ask yourself the question and wait for the answers to pop up, they will. This gets your mind focused on features, potential benefits, and situations all related to what you sell.

The more of these features and their related benefits and appropriate situations that you discover the more advantages you will have over your competitors who give sales presentations on the same old features all the time.

Get into the habit of spending mind time building up your mental library of these features and benefits and gain an advantage that will earn you money. See more on this at Sales Presentation Tips...

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