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The Sales Buzz Issue 178 - Two Free Sales Training Courses
October 08, 2012

Two free sales training courses to give you fresh ideas that you can add to your existing selling process:

Basic Sales Training Course: For those new to sales, moving to a sales role, or just started selling their own products or services. Really effective for the newly self employed.

Free Sales Training Course: For those with more experience that want a different perspective and fresh ideas to give sales a boost...

Two Free Sales Training Courses

Two free basic sales training courses that offer ideas on how to use a sales process that allows you to sell using your own words while you talk to the buyer instead of pitching at them

Whether you are new to selling or an experienced professional you could find something you haven't seen before.

Free Basic Sales Training Course

The free that shows people new to sales, self employed, and small business owners, how to sell.

basic sales training course

A lot of sellers and trainers make selling a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

Effective sales techniques should be easy to learn and quick to put into action.

I manage sales teams for a living and I often take on people with industry knowledge but no sales experience.

In this free eBook you will find the no nonsense approach that I take to help people new to sales quickly become confident and successful.

If you are new to sales, recently started selling your own services or products, or want to see a good basic sales training course click the image above.

Free Sales Training Course

See ideas and techniques on how to start your sales process with a stunning sales introduction.

free sales training course

And then see the rest of the process that will lead your prospect through the stages of the sale to the close.

Avoid common mistakes that could be losing you sales.

Add new techniques and skills to those that you already use.

With this free sales training course learn how to talk to customers in your own words not with a rehearsed sales script written by someone else. Click the image above to get your free course.

Both of the above free sales training courses were developed while working with real sales people out in the field, visiting real customers, and closing real sales. There are no complicated techniques, no acronyms to remember, just proven sales skills that work in the real world not just in classroom role-plays.

You can get both of the above courses simply by clicking on the images above. There is no catch, no need to register or leave your email address, and we don’t collect any details.

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