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The Sales Buzz Issue 261 - Stop the Telephone Objection – Send Me Information
March 05, 2015

Stop the Telephone Objection Send Me Information

Stop the telephone objection, ‘Send me some information,’ from spoiling your telesales and sales appointment cold calls.

By taking just one word out of your telephone scripts for sales and appointment setting calls you can prevent this common sales objection.

Send me information is a horrible objection.

It’s very difficult to overcome or get past as there is no real answer to it.

Whatever techniques or answers you try to use they just come back at you with the same line, ‘Send me some information and I’ll look at it.

While trying to find an answer to this objection I listened to my telesales teams and sales appointment setting callers.

I noticed that there was one word that my teams were using that would be followed by the information objection.

It almost sounds like it’s a triggered psychological response that leads prospects into using the objection. So I did some number based research and this is what I found.

After Sales Training to Remove the Word from Cold Call Scripts

After a telesales training session to take the word out of all sales and appointment setting cold call scripts these were the results on average across both types of calls:

There was an average decrease of more than 60% in the number of send me information objections that came up on the calls made after the telesales training to remove the offending word.

The total number of all objections only fell by 20%.

This was because other more specific and easier to handle objections increased.

There was a 12% increase in confirmed sales and appointments combined.

An increase in call backs and follow up calls.

It’s clear that some of the prospects, which would have responded by asking for information to be sent, responded with a different objection or required a follow up call.

The objections that did arise were based on real concerns, rather than a request for non- specific information. These were a lot easier to overcome as they were real and based on real issues or concerns of the prospects.

Stop the Telephone Objection

I know, you want me to stop waffling and tell you what the word is that generates the send information objection.

All is explained and the word revealed on our page in the Appointment making section of the website, just open Objection Telesales Training..

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