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The Sales Buzz Issue 236 - Telesales Objection – Send me information
September 02, 2014

Telesales Objection – Send me information

The telesales objection, send me information, comes up regularly even when sellers have fully explained the product and there is no more information to send, find out why.

Do you get the telesales objection, ‘Send me some information’, from prospects even though you’ve done a text book call.

You’ve done a great Introduction that captures the listener’s attention.

The right Questions were asked to identify their needs, wants, and desires.

And you then gave a smooth Presentation that included all the right features and benefits that would give the buyer everything they wanted.

But as you go for the trial close with a simple line to test for agreement, bang, out of nowhere comes this telesales objection, a request to send them information. It can take the form of:

  • Could you send me a brochure
  • I would like to see some information
  • Have you got that in writing
  • Is there anything you could send me

You feel like saying, ‘I’ve just spent 20 minutes telling you everything you need to know, or, ‘I’m your information.’ But that wouldn’t help. It’s as if you said something that triggered off this reaction, a reaction that really doesn’t make sense. And maybe that’s the key. On a cold call people don’t make sense, they react to certain triggers.

What Triggers the Sales Objection – Send me information

While coaching tele-sellers in a national outbound call centre I listened to hundreds of calls and gave feedback afterwards to improve results.

While listening to all these calls the objection asking for information kept coming up and stopping the sales.

Even on calls I scored highly this one objection appeared to come up for no reason. For other objections I could recommend a technique to prevent them or overcome them, but this one just didn’t make sense.

Then I saw a pattern. On many of the calls the seller used a certain line at the end of the Presentation stage as a trial close. A soft line that would test the level of agreement from the prospect without asking a closed question that demanded a yes or no answer to whether or not they would agree to the sale.

For those unfamiliar with the term a soft close, or a trial close, is a line that gives the prospect an opportunity to give an answer which if positive the seller could follow with a closing question, and if negative the seller could use more questions to find out what they had to do to close the sale.

But the pattern I saw was that one word the telesales teams were using in this soft closing question was triggering the objection can you send me information. What was the word, find out with a click on Telesales training to stop a common objection...

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