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The Sales Buzz Issue 239 - The Sales Training Website Most Popular Page
September 22, 2014

Sales Training Website
The Most Popular Page

The sales training website most popular page is what people are searching for more than any other part of the sales process – so what is it?

What part of the sales process do you think is the most visited on the Sales Training site?

Which page out of the 300+ on the site is searched for more than any other?

Think about it, sales people around the world are looking for information on one particular stage of the selling process, so this is important to professionals just like you.

Out of all the stage of a sale the most viewed page is on Making Sales Appointments by Telephone.

More sellers want information about how to make appointments than they do on Prospecting, Sales Questions, Presentations, or Objection Handling (which surprised me...I thought objection handling would be the most searched for section of the website)

Appointment Setting
The Most Viewed Sales Training Website Page

For many sales people making sales appointments by telephone is the one part of the selling process that’s different from the rest.

Sellers who enjoy communicating face to face often feel constrained when talking on the phone. They can’t use their body language or facial expressions. And just as important, they can’t see their prospect so they can’t pick up the non-verbal communications and signals.

Then there is the boredom that has to be overcome if you are going to make a significant number of calls and give yourself plenty of selling opportunities. I’ve talked to sales people that see appointment calls as repetitive and they quickly lose focus on the task.

Cold calls also put sellers off making sales appointment calls. Phoning business or direct sales prospects and interrupting what they are doing often leads to a high rejection rate and you have to be really motivated to get through the calling session.

So now you can see why making sales appointments is the most viewed page on the sales training website.

In the appointment making section we give you tips and techniques to overcome all the problems highlighted above and move you from hating cold calling sessions to enjoying the results of a full sales diary. See the most popular page on the website and see why more sales people, like you, have visited Appointment Setting...

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