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The Sales Buzz Issue 269 - Sales Reasons for Calling on Appointment Calls – Real Examples
May 08, 2015

Sales Reasons for Calling on Appointment Calls – Real Examples

Create sales reasons for calling on appointment calls to give you a really effective and attention grabbing introduction that will make prospects listen to what you say.

To help you to make you cold calls for sales appointments more successful we’ve got some real examples of reasons for calling already proven to work in different industries.

In last week’s Sales Buzz ezine we discussed how to create a reason why you are calling the prospect.

Following on from that sales training:

We have a full page of examples of reasons for calling used in the tough direct sales market where sellers and appointment setters call prospects at home.

If you didn’t see last week’s Sales Buzz you can catch up at Sales Buzz back issue...

The examples will show you the techniques and telephone sales training used by cold call appointment makers.

We’ll also explain the techniques, how to use them, and give you ideas on how to make them even more effective as they work for you and your products and services.

This Telephone Training on Sales Reasons for Calling Works for Everyone

You don’t have to be in the same industries as the reason for calling examples come from.

Once you understand the techniques, and the thinking behind them, you can adapt them for your sales role by adding your own words and phrases.

You can use the examples of sales reasons for calling as a base on which to build a sales appointment call script that is personalised for your goods and services.

By creating the call scripts in your own words and phrases each call will sound fresh and natural as if it was your first call of the day. And that will distinguish you from some of the tired and repetitive calls made by some call centres.

Use Our 3 Step Process to Create Your Sales Reason for Calling

Once you’ve read the examples you can make some educated decisions about the reason for calling that you will use on your appointment call introductions.

We guide you through selecting what benefits you should use as a hook to grab your appointment prospect’s attention.

We discuss the sales angle you should take to give you an appointment pitch with a unique frame from your prospect’s perspective.

And then you put it all together to form an effective reason for calling that works. Start by seeing the real examples of effective reasons for calling direct sales prospects for appointments at Telephone Sales Training...

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