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Sales Introductions - Introducing You
October 21, 2021

Sales Introductions - Introducing you!

Use a sales introduction of you that gets your sales meetings with prospects off to a great start.

How should you introduce you and what should you include about yourself?

Here are some new thoughts to give you ideas...

Below is an extract from my sales training course - Selling Success

An example of creating a line that introduces you

If I was trying to sell you this sales training course, I would want to tell you not only my name, but also relevant facts about me that would give you confidence that the course will deliver the results you want.

Information I could include:

  • I have over 25 years of experience in sales, sales management, and sales training.
  • As a sales trainer I’ve helped 1,000s of sales people and businesses to improve results and achieve their goals.
  • I run the website
  • I’m a director at

The next step

The next step is to choose the most relevant feature to use in my introduction of me in the Introduction Stage of my meeting or call to sell the sales training course.

I could select the 2nd line above, which presents the number of salespeople my training has helped, and I then create the following line:

I’m Stephen Craine, as a sales trainer I’ve helped 1,000s of salespeople improve their results and achieve their personal goals.

A flexible script

You’ll notice I selected a feature to make the line appropriate for the target customer.

This is a key benefit of this training course, you are not writing a rigid script, you are creating flexible reminders of the options for lines you can use at each stage.

If you have 2 or 3 different types of customers, create 2 or 3 lines for each stage so you can select the best ones suitable for each situation.

Creating your introduction of you

To create a line like the ones above:

Start with your name.

Choose a feature of you.

Add a benefit that feature will give to the buyer.

And insert a connector to join them up.

Using the line above as an example

Feature of me:

As a sales trainer I’ve helped 1,000s of salespeople improve their results.

Benefit of the feature to the customer:

My sales training experience has proven successful and increased sales results for 1,000s of individuals.

Connector line:

Which has led to businesses like yours.

Then put the above 3 lines together and you can present how a feature of you will benefit the prospect:

I’m Stephen Craine, as a sales trainer I’ve helped 1,000s of salespeople improve their results, which has led to businesses like yours exceeding their sales targets and company financial goals.

You can use the exact same process to add features of you, your experience, position, and knowledge that will benefit your customers.

Right from the start of the meeting or sales call you are differentiating yourself from the other sales people they may talk to.

See more about the training course by visiting:Selling Success

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