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The Sales Buzz Issue 257 - Sales Appointments Prospects Motivator Technique
February 02, 2015

Cold Calling
Sales Appointments Training

This Sales Appointment Motivator technique moves prospects forward and prevents early objections, smoke screens, excuses, and hesitation

It works by adding one simple line to your appointment cold call script.

This technique is for when you lose prospects on sales appointment calls just after the Introduction Stage and as you start to ask your sales questions to qualify them as a potential customer worth meeting.

Often sellers and tele-appointment makers move straight from their Introduction stage to asking questions and that’s when objections and excuses get thrown at them.

Most of the time the objections are false, they’re smoke screens meant to cover the prospect’s real concern, which is that the call is moving too fast.

The big step from the caller giving their name and the reason for the call to asking for information is a step too far and too quick.

If you don’t explain why you are asking questions the prospect thinks you are starting the sales process and they back out, they dig their heels in and won’t move forward with you.

Use a Motivator Technique
to Move Them Forward

To stop unreal objections and smoke screens and excuses, and to keep the prospect with you, you can use one simple line that tells the prospect:

  • That you are going to ask some questions.
  • Why you are going to ask some questions.
  • And, what’s in it for them.

The Sales Appointment Motivator line is a unique technique that I don’t see other sales trainers and managers using, and that’s a shame because it works.

The teams I have managed and trained have proven it works by the results they have achieved when they add this technique to their cold call appointment scripts.

The technique works by adding a potential benefit that the prospect could gain, and a reason why you need to ask questions.

You can quickly learn how to put these two lines together to form a smooth connecting link between your introduction Stage and the Questioning Stage of your appointment calls.

Give the technique a try and see what it does for your call conversion rates, get the full technique free at Sales Appointment cold calling Script...

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