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The Sales Buzz Issue 260 - Sales Appointment Objections
February 25, 2015

Sales Appointment Objections

Stop Those Early Smoke Screen Rejections

Overcome those smoke screen sales appointment objections, that you get in the first minute of your calls, and convert more cold calls into meetings with potential customers.

Get past the first few seconds of your introduction on appointment calls.

Stop those untrue smoke screen objections that prospects use to try to get you off the phone.

If you can move the customer with you to the next stage of your appointment cold calls, and get them responding to you, you have more chance of gaining agreement to a meeting and closing the sale.

If you can’t get past those early smoke screen objections you have no chance of gaining a meeting and no matter how good your sales skills are you won’t be able to close the sale.

Smoke Screen Sales Appointment Objections – What are they?

The sales appointment objections you get in the early stages of your appointment cold calls are usually different to the objections you get later on in the calls.

The difference is, early objections are usually not true. They are excuses that prospects use as an excuse to end the call before you get into your pitch. This is why they are called smoke screens, they hide the truth.

You’ve probably done it yourself when you’ve received a sales call either at work or at home.

The sales person, or tele-appointment caller, starts the call with an Introduction and tries to lead you into answering questions to see if you are a potential customer.

You fear a lengthy sales pitch for something you have no interest in buying so you make an excuse to end the call.

Typical Smoke Screen
Sales Appointment Objections

I’m just going into a meeting, I’m about to go out, I’m washing my hair, and any other excuse that comes to mind. The most obvious sales appointment objection that gives itself away as a smoke screen is: I’m not interested!

Telesales, telemarketing and tele-appointment callers get this excuse all the time.

It’s an obvious smoke screen because the prospect at this early stage has no real idea of why you are calling so how can they know whether or not they are interested.

How to Prevent Early
Smoke Screen Objections

Prospects have to see a good reason why they should listen to your cold calls.

They need to hear something in the first 2 or 3 sentences that makes them feel at least a flicker of interest in what you’re saying.

There are 3 things you can do in your appointment cold calls to make prospects interested:

1. The most important action is to include Benefits, or potential benefits, for the prospect in your opening introduction script.

2. Clearly communicate why you are calling.

3. Use as few words as possible to get to the point and get your clear communication of why you are calling and the potential benefits across to the prospect.

Smoke sales appointment objections can’t be overcome using standard objection handling techniques because they are not based on truth, they’re not real objections, they’re excuses. To see free sales training on the techniques that will prevent them go to Handling Appointment Objections

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