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The Sales Buzz Issue 240 - A Quick Sales Objection Tip
September 30, 2014

A Quick Sales Objection Tip

A quick sales objection tip that you have probably seen before but here’s a reminder.

You’ve probably seen this objection handling tip before because it’s been around forever.

That’s because it works.

It’s no magic bullet that closes every sale, they don’t exist.

This objection technique works when used in the right situation and at the right time.

I’ve seen it used well in telesales call centres, retail sales, B2B, and direct selling to prospects in their own home.

Like all sellers, there are probably lots of really useful selling techniques, just like this one, that you have picked up in your career but have forgotten about and no longer use.

Every now and then it’s good to get a quick reminder about the practical sales training we have forgotten and bring them back into use. So here goes...

Sales Objection Tip –Practical and It Works

You’ve met with a prospect and you’ve taken them through the stages of the sale.

  • You asked the questions.
  • You discovered their real needs, wants, and desires.
  • Then you’ve done a great presentation.
  • And then made a trial close.

The prospect brings up an objection, nothing too difficult and you know a great answer, so what do you do?

Most sellers can’t help themselves at this point.They have an answer to overcome the objection and they use it.

Often it’s their best answer and one that would overcome many objections, it has a real benefit for the prospect, it’s the ace of trumps and they expect to win the sale.

As with all good responses to an objection there is a closing question at the end (remember this sentence) and now the sales person waits for the response, the Yes, the agreement that closes the sale. And why not, after all they have used their best answer, they have played their ace.

But instead of a Yes the prospect responds with another objection, nothing too negative and one that can be answered but the seller has already used their best answer and now they need another one. They answer the objection and again wait for the yes. But again another little objection is raised.

As this pattern continues the sales person can start to run out of answers, start sounding a little repetitive, and the rejections can take their toll on the seller’s resilience. So here’s the quick objection tip for this situation...

Sales Objection Tip – How to use it

When a prospect raises their first objection ... Do not answer it!

Even if you know the very best answer to this first objection, do not use it. Instead, find out if there are anymore objections, anymore obstacles that could prevent the sale being closed.

You are asking if there is anything else that the customer wants to ask, raise as an objection, or make you aware of that didn’t come out at the questioning stage of the sales process, before you play your ace and trump all the answers.

By getting all the obstacles out in the open before you answer you may be able to formulate one great response that answers all their objections.

Two Things to Remember When Using This Quick Sales Objection Tip

1. The sales training above outlines the technique but you need to adapt how you ask for any more objections. It has to suit the situation, the type of prospect, the product, and the image you are trying to project.

Compare a retail sale for a one off purchase of a low value product to a high end item such as a house. The technique will be the same but the words will be quite different.

2. I recommend that you only use this objection tip when a prospect raises the first objection. I know some sellers who ask for any reasons that would stop a prospect buying their products before any obstacles have been raised. To me this is looking for problems where none may exist, but if it you want to try it and it works I’m happy to be proved wrong.

Earlier I asked you to remember a sentence, remember?

It was the one where I said, As with all good responses to an objection there is a closing question at the end.

If you don’t have an effective process for overcoming objections, or if you would like to improve on what you have and add easy closing techniques that turn objections into opportunities to close, take a look at the course I’ve used with my successful teams at How to Handle Objections...

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