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The Sales Buzz Issue 197 - A Sales Question You Should Ask But Many Sellers Don’t
March 18, 2013

In this week’s Sales Buzz Ezine: See a sales question you should ask but many sellers don’t and yet this one question makes preparing your presentation or sales proposal a lot easier.

What is it....Read on...

A Sales Question You Should Ask But Many Sellers Don’t

There is a sales question that you should ask, every seller should ask it.

It can give you valuable information about what to include in your sales presentation or proposal.

And that makes it easier to close the sale.

You've probably done all the usual sales training on asking your prospect questions about their needs.

Open questions to get them talking.

Followed by alternative and closed questions to get to the detail.

Asking them about their needs.

What they want or desire.

You look for positives you can build on.

But what about what they don’t want.

Do you ask them about that.

The Dissatisfaction Question – A Great Sales Technique

A sales question you should ask is the dissatisfaction question.

Ask your prospect what they:

Don’t like about their current supplier.

Would change about the product they are looking to replace.

Find is their biggest problem with their present situation.

Get annoyed with about the service they receive. Think is the worst part.

See as the most time consuming.

Definitely don’t want from their new product. Get bad feedback on from others.

And any other way you can think of to get to what your prospect is dissatisfied with.

One Simple Question You Should Ask

When I present this technique to some sellers that comment on how simple it is, how basic a sales tip it is, and some say they were expecting something more advanced or complicated.

Well I agree it’s a simple technique, and it’s not at all complicated. And for me that’s how all sales training should be.

Think about what you can get if you ask your prospect what they are dissatisfied with.

A whole list of things they want to avoid, improve, or change. Add this information to what you gain when you ask the standard questions about their needs and you get the full picture of what you should be presenting in your sales proposal.

All that remains is for you to use your selling skills to use the question you should ask in the most effective way for your prospects, marketplace, and products.

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