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The Sales Buzz Issue 244 - : Qualifying Sales Leads to Add to Your Pipeline
October 29, 2014

Qualifying Sales Leads to Add to Your Pipeline

Are You Ignoring Something Important

You know there’s a problem with how you’re qualifying sales leads when you have a big enough prospect pipeline but you’re not achieving your sales target.

You see the sales opportunities that you said would sign up last month still on your pipeline for months after.

And as you try to close sales you find objections getting in the way.

If these objections are real sales stoppers.

Should have been dealt with at the start of the selling process.

And a sale could never have gone ahead without resolving these issues first,then you need to take the actions below.

The above are signs that you could have one of the most common problems with pipeline building, and performance forecasting, for sales people, small businesses, and large organisations:

There are prospects on your pipeline that you will never convert to paying customers.

This happens for many reasons:

Too much focus on the number of prospects on your pipeline rather than the quality.

Not qualifying sales leads properly before adding them as prospects to your pipeline.

Not having clearly defined criteria of what a real prospect is, and what they must have, to ensure that you can sell to them.

Solve the Problem Now With a Few Simple Actions

I’ve seen this problem many times within different businesses in my career as a sales manager and trainer.

With a few simple actions you can ensure all new qualified sales leads added to your prospect pipeline could are able to buy from you and you won’t get any last minute objections that should have been dealt with at the beginning of the selling process.

You can use the same actions to do a reality check on your current pipeline so that you have a real list of potential customers not just a large number of leads that are not properly qualified.

Once you’ve cleaned up your pipeline you will know how much prospecting you need to do to achieve or exceed your sales target regularly. See a full page of free sales training online on our website at Prospect Pipeline Reality Check... Prospect Pipeline Reality Check...

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