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The Sales Buzz Issue 221 - Objections to Making Sales Appointments
February 10, 2014

Objections to Making Sales Appointments

There are some objections to sales appointments that come up time and time again when you’re cold calling.

The sales prospect is too busy to meet with you.

They already have a supplier.

They’re not interested, even though they don’t fully know what you’re calling about.

Then there are the ones that want to get straight to the bottom line and talk about price before you have had a chance to talk about benefits.

I know many sales professionals who are great in front of potential customers but hate making sales appointment cold calls by telephone because of objections like the ones above.

When you can overcome these meeting stoppers you have a real advantage.

Overcome Objections and Make More Appointments

When you can overcome these frequent objections you will gain agreement to more meetings with prospects, and that means you have the opportunity to close more sales.

For example: Do you get the objection of, ‘I’m not interested.’

To beat this common appointment objection it is better to pre-empt it and use a technique to stop it happening.

The way to stop this meeting stopper is to get some benefits in as early as possible on the call. Think about it, why would someone be interested in your call at the start of the conversation when they don’t know enough to be interested.

To stop your prospects hitting you with this appointment stopper start by making a list of the key benefits of your products or services that you can use as a reason for your call. Think about it from the buyer’s perspective, what would they want to hear that will grab their attention.

The aim is to say something that grabs the buyer’s attention and stops the ‘Not interested’ objection before it can be used. Grab their attention and their interest and make more meetings with buyers so you can close more sales.

Now look at overcoming more objections and enjoy making Sales Appointments...

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