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The Sales Buzz Issue 202 - Read This Non-Verbal Message Given By Customers
April 24, 2013

In this week’s Sales Buzz Ezine:

Want to know what’s really important to your customer?

See this sales tip on picking up one important non-verbal message your customer doesn’t even know they are giving you...

Read This Non-Verbal Message Given By Customers

There are times when your sales prospect sends you a non-verbal message that tells you which needs, wants, and desires are most important to them.

You just need to know how to read this message and you will pick up this information that the customer doesn’t even know they are sending. You can then use it to give a sales presentation hat really hits the spot and closes the sale.

Picture this:

You’ve introduced yourself to your potential customer.

You’ve told them why you are there and what they might gain, just to grab their attention.

Then you move on to the sales questioning stage and you asked questions that get your prospect telling you about their needs, wants, and desires.

As they give you this information some prospects will give you nonverbal messages by way of gestures with their hands or their head movements.


It could be they touch on their fingers with the opposite hand as they real off what they want, as if counting the needs they are telling you about.

I’ve seen others chop the desk with the edge of their hand as if laying out the information in front of you. This can be across the desk from one side to the other or starting away from them and moving closer to their body with each chop synchronised with the need they give you.

Smaller gestures can be made with the head as if they see where each need is laid out in front of them. It can up to down, side to side, a circular pattern as if what they want from your product or service is on the floor in an arc around them.

Buyer's internal pictures

These nonverbal messages as they answer your sales questions can be so specific that if they go back to an earlier need the look back down their list to where they pictured it when they told you about it earlier.

If you are selling a physical object they may talk about parts of it and look to where that part would be if the object was right there with you. Whether you sell an object, a intangible, or a service, you wil often see where the features or benefits he customer wants are positioned on the buyer’s internal picture which they see around them.

So how do you make use of these nonverbal messages in a sales process...

Sales presentation using nonverbal messages

When you give your sales presentation that meets the buyer’s needs, wants, and desires that they have told you about at the questioning stage, present them in the same way the buyer gave the information to you.

If as the buyer told you about a need they have they touched their first finger with the opposite hand then you mirror that action as present the features and benefits that meet that need. If their second need was accompanied by touching their next finger then you do the same as you present the next set of features and benefits.

Wherever the buyer indicated towards when they talked about a need then you indicate that that’s where your response goes.

The buyer will find this information really easy to take in as you are matching the way they see and organise their thoughts on what they want from what you sell.

I’ve had conversations with prospects that were so precise in where they positioned needs and I matched hat position with my sales proposal that an observer would think we had an invisible object between us that only we could see. Even when selling an intangible such as a service you can work with the buyer on their map of reality.

If you liked this idea and can see the logic behind it you will find many more similar ideas in our Sales Presentation tips...

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