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A massive New Year Discount for Sales Buzz Subscribers
December 31, 2021

A Massive New Year Thank You Discount for Sales Buzz Readers

As a Thank You to Sales Buzz readers for sticking with us in 2021, we are offering a massive New Year discount on the most popular sales course on the Proven Sales Training website.

If you want to get more customers, close more sales, and you’ve been thinking about getting the Selling Success course, now is the time to act…

Get more customers
Get Selling Success

The Selling Success course is the easiest way to gain a regular flow of new clients and orders from your sales conversations...

‘Quickly get more customers as you build a consistent high income giving you the freedom to make new lifestyle choices, while eliminating any stress from your sales role by achieving consistent, repeatable sales results.’

The course has already been proven successful by the sales and telesales teams I've trained, so you know it will work for you in your sales role.

It’s an easy to use step by step guide…

The course will train you on how to know what to say and do, and what comes next, at every point of your sales meetings or calls, which allows you to focus on the conversation and talk with confidence to your prospects.

New Year Discount of 33%
only for Sales Buzz Subscribers

Get a massive 33% discount when you order the course by using the discount code: New Year
when you reach the secure payment page.

This is a one-off New Year gift to Sales Buzz readers and the discount will end on Monday 3rd January.

See the full details of the Selling Success course and place your order by visiting Selling Success

Full support while completing the course

If you need any assistance or have any questions while completing or downloading the course, you can get full support by sending a message via the website contact page, we will respond.

Have a Great New Year and my very best wishes for your success in 2022

Stephen Craine

Get Selling Success and a 33% New Year Discount

Get our best selling course at a 33% discounted price by visiting Selling Success

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