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The Sales Buzz Issue 241 - Need to Close Free Sales Training eBook is Now Even Better
October 08, 2014

Need to Close - Free Sales Training eBook is Now Even Better

Need to Close Chains, one of our most popular free sales training eBooks, has been updated and is ready for you to use.

In this one eBook with only 9 pages you get a training process that shows you how to:

Mentally build new links between a customer’s needs and the benefits your products and services offer. Sharpen your ability to think on your feet in sales meetings with buyers.

Give benefit based sales pitches without rehearsing scripts or writing notes.

And the most powerful part of this training is how it can move you into a motivated selling state of mind.

How it Works

It’s called Need to Close Chain training because it shows you in just 9 pages how to create links, that you will remember, from a customer’s needs and wants to the benefits of your products that will meet those needs.

You will form links from the features of the products and services that you sell, to the benefits the features can deliver to the customer.

The training is an exercise that you can do at anytime. You become more competent and confident the more times you repeat the exercise. The repetition of the process creates pathways that become memorable. You learn a process that puts you in a mental state that gives you best access to all your sales resources.

The Need to Close Chain Training eBook has Been Updated

When you first asked us to send you this ezine newsletter, The Sales Buzz, you will have received a copy of the Need to Close training. Now, because you are already a subscriber to the Sales Buzz you can get the latest updated version. Just click on the image above or open Need to Close Sales Training...

Open up the new eBook, remind yourself of the training process and start adding more power to your sales meetings with customers. Feel free to pass it on to colleagues and friends.

This sales training process can be used as a team training tool, an ice breaker in meetings, and a great way to learn the features and benefits of new products. So it’s a good resource for managers as well.

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