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Making sales appointments before holidays - Stop the seasonal objections
November 23, 2021

Making Sales Appointments Calls Before Holidays

It's that time of year again where we get the objection: Call me after the holiday.

Making calls for sales appointments on the run up to holidays, such as Christmas and New Year, can be tough.

Your prospects have an easy get out line of:

Call back after the break.

But we are sales people, we are persistent and resourceful, our job and income can’t stop on the run up to every holiday or seasonal activity.

We need to meet with buyers, so how do you cold call for a sales appointment on the run up to a holiday?

One answer is

Have a really good Reason for Calling.

The reason for calling is the most important line of your Sales Introduction stage of the cold call.

The Reason for Calling is what makes the buyer listen to you. It should tell the sales prospect: This is what's in it for you.

Make the Reason for Calling work.

Use the Reason for Calling to inoculate your cold calls against the seasonal sales appointment objections.

Try this sales appointment technique:

On your sales appointment cold call, tell the prospect you are calling because it's... And then add whatever seasonal objection you have been getting when cold calling.

So in December the reason for your call is:

  • I'm calling because it's nearly the holiday break...
  • We are on the runup to the holidays...
  • I called today because it will soon be a New Year...

The follow up line

Your next line should relate to your reason for calling.

Here is an example:

I'm calling today because it will soon be New Year, and we have a range of products that other businesses, like yours, have ordered ready for January.

Unless the buyer is genuinely too busy because of the time of year they will not use the seasonal objection. How can they, you have already told them that is the reason you are calling them.

To object to your cold call using the reason you have given for the call would not make sense. This technique is like spoiling a joke by telling the punch line. It takes the power and the reasoning of their objection away.

Time to look at your Appointment Call Introduction

Is it the time of year to refresh you sales appointment call Introduction?

On the Proven Sales Training website there is a full section on creating a great call Introduction Stage. It includes a suggestion on the process to use and how to word your call so it's customised for your marketplace. Take a look at: Appointment call introduction

Free eBook

You can take it a step further by viewing the free eBook available on the website. It gives a quick training session on what should be in the Introduction Stage of your calls: Free Sales Appointment Training

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