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The Sales Buzz Issue 259 - How to Make Sales Appointments
February 17, 2015

How to Make Sales Appointments

How to make sales appointments – Free sales training on 4 pages of our website that shows you the 4 stages of getting a potential buyer to agree to meet with you:

Stage 1. The Introduction.

Stage 2. Motivate to answer your questions.

Stage 3. Questions to qualify as a potential customer.

Stage 4. Gain Agreement to a sales appointment.

Once you learn how to use this 4 stage process you will be able to fill your appointment diary with sales opportunities.

Each stage of the call is brief and the whole process may only take a couple of minutes, but each stage is also very important to the success of the call.

Every word and phrase must work for you as the time a prospect gives you, especially on a cold call, is very limited.

The recently updated pages of the website on how to make sales appointments will show you your objective, what to say, and what to do at each stage of the appointment call process.

The Thinking Behind the Sales Training

We all sell different products, with varying financial values, and to different customer types.

So the training on the sales appointment pages shows you how to make sales appointments using your own words and phrases. That gives you a sales appointment call specific to your products and services and for your prospects.

The Training is Already Proven

I’ve successfully used this same training with sellers that hated making cold calls for appointments and now they confidently gain agreement from buyers they want to meet.

What I wanted when I developed the training was to cut out all the stuff that doesn’t work so the process was as light and brief as possible but also very effective.

Training Should be Simple

I also avoid acronyms and complicated sales techniques as I’ve found that these do not transfer well from the classroom to the real sales world. The pages on making sales appointments are easy to pick up and use for any sales person in any role.

And if you have any questions you can ask them via the contact pages of the website.

To see the same training on how to make sales appointments that I have used in my career, start with the page on creating an attention grabbing Introduction and that will lead forward to the other stages. Open Sales Appointments Introduction Stage

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