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The Sales Buzz Issue 272 - Disguising Your Reason for When Calling Making Sales Appointments
June 03, 2015

Disguising Your Reason for Calling When Making Sales Appointments

Disguising Your Reason for calling when making sales appointments is a very effective technique as long as it is used properly and offers the prospect value.

If you get it wrong it can ruin your call from the start.

It can stop your call and any hope of getting past the introduction stage and gaining agreement from the prospect to a meeting.

Once you understand how the technique works, and how to use it to offer prospects a potential benefit with a value, it can transform your calling sessions into a regular pipeline of sales appointments.

What do you think of the real example below of a genuine call I received a few days ago?

A Real Example of Disguising Your Reason for Calling

The caller opened the introduction stage by asking if I was Mr Craine and then asked, ‘How are you today sir.’

A side note:

This is a real give away that the call is being made by an offshore call centre and can turn off many prospects from the start of a call.

I live in the UK and no one calling from the UK would ask a stranger how they are, we just don’t do that.

People like people like them!

If you’re going to call a foreign country learn how they speak, their telephone etiquette.

Rant over, back to the example.

The caller explained that they were a company that they supplied and fitted fuel efficient domestic gas boilers.

Okay, nothing wrong so far, she’s not really grabbed my interest but I’ll give her a chance to state her reason for calling.

Her next line, the reason for the call, was that she could offer me a free quote for a new boiler.

This was quickly followed by a question on how old my current boiler was and the caller trying to arrange a date for their technician to come round and give me a free quote.

What do you think of the reason for calling used on this call?

Let’s Stop and Think About This

Think about the reason for calling.

The reason this company have invested in a call centre to phone me, and thousands of other people, is to offer me a free quote for a gas boiler.

Are they under the impression that other companies charge you before they will give you a price quotation?

I could phone any of the hundreds of local plumbers and I’m sure they would be happy to give me a price for a new boiler.

I could contact the big national organisations and get a price for a whole new installation of a boiler, pipes and radiators and they won’t charge me a penny.

I don’t know who created this script for making sales appointments but if they worked for me they would be out of a job.

There was absolutely no value for me as a prospect and I actually felt insulted that they would use such a ridiculous reason for calling me.

So what is the best way to disguise your sales appointment call as something you are offering the prospect? Find out at Disguising Your Reason for Calling...

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