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The Sales Buzz Issue 229 -Direct Sales Closing Trick
April 23, 2014

Direct Sales Closing Trick

25 years ago I was shown a direct sales closing trick that helps you close sales when the customer has already said no to your proposal.

When you’ve presented your sales proposal and the customer raises objections you do your best to overcome them.

But what if the customer still won’t sign, what do you do then.

At this point in the sales process you may get smoke screen objections.

This is where the buyer won’t agree to buy your product but doesn’t give you a definite reason why not.

It’s a smoke screen objection and because it is not a real and defined reason why they won’t buy it is very difficult to deal with it.

Have you ever got to the end of a sales pitch and tried to close but the customer says no?

You can find that you don’t know what to do next, you feel that the sale is lost and there are no actions you can take to close the deal. Like me, you have probably been in this situation.

Well here’s a selling technique, which is really an old direct sales closing technique, which you can use to overcome that final objection, even if it’s a smoke screen objection. Get a note pad and pen and start using this impressive direct sales closing trick…

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