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The Sales Buzz Issue 248 - Control Sales Calls and Keep Prospects Listening
November 20, 2014

Control Sales Calls and Keep Prospects Listening

Control sales calls and keep prospects listening to the end of your pitch by using the strength and control scale technique that many sellers don’t even know about.

Losing prospects at the start of sales telephone calls could mean you're not using the right balance of control and strength.

You can’t treat all prospects the same.

Think about the difference between a B2B buyer, and a Direct Sales prospect you call at home.

Would you use the same style, techniques, and level of control on a cal to make a sales appointment?

No, you know it wouldn’t work, and there are a wide range of prospects within each group that need a different level of control and strength of sales pitch.

And yet many sellers, managers, and trainers have never even considered this when putting sales calls together. So grab yourself an advantage by reading on...

A Typical Sales Call

Let’s use a sales appointment call as an example.

You’ve called a prospect and introduced you, your business, and your products or services, very briefly in order to keep them on the call, and you’ve used a potential benefit in your brief introduction to motivate them to listen further.

If you want free training on creating a stunning introduction for sales appointment calls see Cold call appointment setting...

Once You’ve Introduced Yourself What Next?

The objective of the next line, usually a question, is to gain a response from the prospect and keep their attention as you move from your brief Introduction to the Sales Questions stage of the call where you qualify the prospect as someone that you want a sales appointment with.


So that I can see if you would be able to benefit from our services let me ask you... and you add your first question.

You want a question that will work best for your types of customers but how do you know what’s best?

The key is to decide whether you need to take control of the sales call or give the prospect freedom to respond openly. If after reading this you decide that you need to take control of the call then your first question would be a closed or alternative question.


Do you own your own your home? – Closed question, requires a Yes or No response.

Do you rent or own the property you live in? – Alternative question, requires a choice of the answers presented.

These controlling questions are at the high end of the controlling scale for a call. They give you more control of sales calls but they restrict the flow of information from the prospect.

I’ll give you a link at the end to explain about using the soft and strong scales for controlling a sales call, it’s a great way to add the right techniques to your calls and increase your results, and not many sales people know about it.

Control of Sales Calls for B2B and Direct Sales

On a B2B sales appointment call the technique is to use a smooth, sales-soft, link that motivates the buyer to answer your questions.

The prospect is in business and expects sales calls.

They respond well to a consultative sales approach where you discuss while giving the conversation a gentle push to keep it going in the right general direction.

On Direct Sales cold calls you may need a first question that has more sales-strength and here’s why:

Direct Sales prospects need more controlling to avoid them giving you a smoke screen objection that in most cases isn’t real, such as I’m too busy to talk, or we’re moving house, just to get off the call.

By using closed and alternative questions and keeping more control of the sales call you are working towards getting them further into the call quicker than with a B2B prospect. Keeping their attention using controlling questions can avoid smoke screen objections as they would have to stop the flow of the call and take the control from you.

To start using the strength and controlling scale in your sales calls begin by assessing how much control you want to take at this crucial point on your sales appointment calls and see more free sales training on this great technique, that many sellers, managers, and trainers don’t even know about, at Direct Sales Techniques...

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