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The Sales Buzz Issue 209 - 3 Tips to Better Communication
August 19, 2013

Communication Skill Technique - 3 Tips to Better Sales Communication

A good communication skill technique is to use your voice, words, and body language to clearly define what is negotiable and what isn’t.

Far too often I see sales people giving customers a verbal or non-verbal indication that something they cannot change may be flexible.

This could be part of the prices for the product or service. Sometimes it’s delivery charges or availability. Or it can be chargeable additions.

How salespeople give away their sub-conscious desire to say yes

Sellers in all types of sales, B2B, Call Centres, Direct Selling, and Retail, can all be frightened of losing the potential sale.

Their first sub-conscious reaction, when asked a product or service related question, is to want to be able to meet the customer’s needs.

So when a customer suggests that they would possibly agree to a sale if the price could be negotiated, or if an add-on could be added free of charge, the seller wants to say, 'Yes.'

And their facial expression and body language give away their initial inner thoughts.

Once a buyer sees that there is a chance the benfits they have asked for are negotiable they will push the seller into offering them that little bit more.

The hidden signals the buyer sees

A look to the side or an upwards glance as if, for a split second, they are considering the buyer’s request.

Sometimes this is followed by a very brief hesitation before the seller responds. This is picked up by the customer because if there was no possibility of gaining these benefits the seller would have responded immediately. If sellers knew they were showing this to a buyer they would work on their communication skill techniques.

The next give away is in the voice tone. There can be a weak tone, perhaps a slight drawing out of the first word. The pitch of the voice may go higher like it does when you ask a question.

Then the words are spoken. Even a ‘No’ said in a drawn out weak tone with a raising pitch can be received as a maybe by the customer. If the words that follow are not a definite indication that the requested benefits are not for negotiation then the buyer will seize on this possible opening.

And all the above happened in less than 2 seconds.

Good communication skill techniques are essential if you are going to control the sub-conscious messages that reveal what you would really like to say to the buyer.

How do you control non-verbal communication

Here are 3 tips to control your communication and give the message that you should give at that crucial time when a customer makes a request for more benefits:

1. Know in your mind what you can and cannot negotiate. Have a very clear understanding of where the line is drawn between what is up for discussion and what part of your sales proposal is set in stone.

2. Lose the fear of losing the sale. You will not close every sale and you cannot give in to all the demands a customer makes. Saying yes to everything the buyer asks of you is not selling, it’s giving products away.

3. Be confident in all your interactions with buyers. Use good communication technique skills and using what you know, as in No1 above, look straight at the buyer when you respond to a demand. Answer without hesitation. Have a confident tone and do not draw out the first word.

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