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The Sales Buzz Issue 271 - Cold Call Telesales Mistake – Stop Wasting Time
May 27, 2015

Cold Call Telesales Mistake – Stop Wasting Time

A cold call telesales mistake that sellers make regularly and that completely wastes their valuable selling time.

Make sure you’re not making this same mistake.

A recruitment agency calls and tries to get me to see a candidate that they have interviewed and think is so good I just have to see them.

The caller uses many customer influencing techniques:

Scarcity, as candidates like this don’t come along often so I should make sure I don’t miss out.

Reciprocation, they are doing me a great favour by calling me first before other sales managers, so I should feel obligated to return the favour by seeing the candidate.

Time bound offer, the candidate has other companies interested in them so they will soon get snapped up and I should meet with them urgently.

The recruitment consultant gave me details of the candidates experience and their sales results and it was indeed compatible with what I would want to see in a candidate I would consider hiring. So where’s the cold call telesales mistake?

The candidate lived on the south coast of the country and I was running a sales team covering the North West region of the country several hundred miles away.

Good Sales Skills Wasted by a Cold Call Telesales Mistake

The sales skills used on the call were very good.

The product they were selling, the candidate, was of a high quality.

Their cold call had a reasonable structure to it. It had a nice introduction that took into account our previous encounters.

The presentation of the products was good.

And there were some nice trial closing techniques to try to get my agreement to interview their candidate.

But all this sales skill was wasted because of one cold call telesales mistake: They didn’t qualify me as someone that could buy from them.

Add a Qualifying Question Stage to Your Sales Stages

Whether you’re selling face to face, working in telesales, or making sales appointments, you must always include a stage in the process that qualifies the prospect as someone that can do business with you.

If you don’t you can end up wasting all your valuable selling time doing great sales pitches or appointment calls to people that can’t buy from you.

It doesn’t take long, usually just a few quick questions and you’ll know whether you can actually sell to the prospect you’re talking with.

Want to know the best way to qualify your prospects and how to avoid this cold telesales call mistake?

For free sales training on qualifying prospects on sales appointment and cold calls go to Effective Qualfying Questions

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