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The Sales Buzz Issue 207 - Closing Your Sale With a Professional Technique
August 06, 2013

Closing Your Sale With a Professional Technique

Closing your sale with a professional technique means you will sell more, grow your business, and make more money.

It shouldn't be closing techniques that trick the prospect into buying or bullies them into submission.

Sales people and self-employed business owners want to grow their business with referrals and repeat business.

Closing the deal in this way will bring you revenue year after year.

If you work in a job where you will never see the customer again or the reputation of your company or brand is not important then you can use a less customer friendly type of close.

For the rest of us who work in a sales job.

We want customers to refer us to friends and colleagues, and where we want to cross-sell and win repeat business, we want to close our sales with a simple technique that leaves the customer with a good feeling about us even if they say no to our proposal. Here’s how I train my sales teams to do just that…

Where to start closing your sale

At the very beginning of your meeting with a potential customer one of your aims should be to gain some commitment to the agenda that you propose for the selling / buying process.

This is where you explain to the buyer how will help them by finding out their needs, how you will present back to them the proposal that will meet those needs, and if they like what they see what happens next.

That’s a simplified version but selling should be simple.

So the closing starts with a small amount of agreement early on in the process as you set the agenda that after your presentation of a proposal the customer will be asked for a decision on moving forward. When the customer agrees to your agenda they are agreeing that you will attempt to close the sale.

This early action is important because the customer is now fully aware that you there to sell them something. They know that this is not a courtesy call, this not you just popping round to talk to them, this is a meeting to discuss a potential sale and if you can get that message across early it will be the first step in winning the order. The next step is see more…

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