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The Sales Buzz Issue 157 - Asking Sales Questions
March 27, 2012

Asking sales questions is the topic of this week’s free sales training newsletter.

Consider this simple technique and get your buyers wanting to give you the information that will help you to close the sale. ...

Asking Sales Questions

Asking sales questions: It’s a simple technique and when you add it to your sales pitch, and telesales and appointment setting calls, you get increased results and you enjoy the sales process.

When you use this sales technique you encourage the prospect to work with you at a crucial part of the selling process where you could otherwise lose them and never get to where you can close the sale or gain the appointment.

Put Yourself In A Prospect’s Shoes

I took a telesales call from a guy selling advertising in a publication aimed at the public sector and local government contracts and this put me in the position of a buyer rather than my usual role as a sales manager.

The call started okay, he could have used an introduction with a more effective reason for the call but he kept me listening. As he moved on to the questioning stage, where he tried to discover my needs, I felt a reluctance to answer and my replies were short. I was now truly acting as a real prospect.

As he asked about the type of customers my sales team targeted my answers moved from short to obstructive and I tired of the questions.

Maybe you’ve experienced this when you’ve been selling and customers show signs of losing interest and moving away from a buying state rather than getting closer to it.

The sales caller will have noticed that I was not responding positively and he was getting no nearer to closing the sale. What he didn’t know was why this was happening and what he could have done earlier in the call to prevent it.

You Can Stop This Happening To Your Sales

Question: So how do you influence your customers to answer your sales questions with enthusiasm that will build towards a buying state.

The Answer: Give them a reason that motivates them to answer your sales questions.

Before you ask the sales questions to discover their needs, wants, and desires, use a motivator to influence the buyer to give you the information you need to form a sales proposal. Want to know how to do that? Take a look at Sales Questioning Techniques…

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