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The Sales Buzz Issue 179 - All About the Close – Miss one and you miss out
October 15, 2012

3 sales tips that are all about the close.

Make sure you take these 3 actions because these are basic must do actions when closing sales.

So what are they....Read on

All About the Close – Miss just one must do action and you miss out

It’s all about the close and if you miss just one little basic must-do action in your sales pitch you could miss out on gaining their agreement.

As a sales manager I see people who need to click one basic action into place and they will close more sales.

If they keep missing just one of the basics they will lose sales they could have won.

The closing process doesn’t come at the end of your sales pitch as a trick question when you have finished your presentation.

The techniques should be woven into the sales stages.

The whole process from a good attention grabbing Introduction through to the Presentation should have closing techniques that build and stack up as you progress towards gaining the buyer’s agreement.

Want to see how we do this...

3 Basic Tips All About The Close

Okay let’s get down to the important sales training and some of the basic closing skills that should be in your meetings and telesales calls with prospects.

Let me start with a question: Do you always let the customer know up front that you are trying to sell them something. Do you make it clear at the start of your phone call or meeting with them.


Do you circle around it and let them believe that you are there for some other reason. Maybe you haven’t thought about it before so take some time with your answer and while you’re doing that take a look at this question...

Earlier I said closing doesn't only come at the end of the sales presentation, so where do you start closing and what do you say, or what do you do, as your first step in closing the sale while talking to a prospect.

In case you haven’t experienced this technique of asking yourself a question and letting your sub-conscious deal with it while you consciously consider another question, just follow my lead and trust me because it works and you will be surprised by where it takes you.

Third question all about the close: Are you sure you always try to close the sale or if appropriate gain agreement to move to the next stage of the process.

You probably answered yes, everyone does. But do you have a definite closing question, an agreement gaining line, one that asks for the order. I’m not talking about lines such as: Is that something you might be interested in?

Go through a typical sales pitch in your mind and answer the 3 questions above and while you are doing that follow the link with a click to see suggestions and ideas on:

  • Letting the buyer know you are there to sell something
  • Gaining agreement throughout the sale
  • Making sure that you make sure that you attempt to close the sale

Follow the link to see all about closing with 3 sales tips to close the sale...

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