Workplace Motivation and Sales Team Training

by Call Centre Team Leader
(West Coast)

I like the sales team training page and I've started using the motivation techniques with my telesales team.

Not just because it's a great motivation technique but because it makes me look good too. I work on a very competitive sales floor where telesales team leaders are expected to come up with new ideas on workplace motivation to show their initiative.

It's one way to get noticed and gain good evidence for performance reviews and promotion interviews.

My telesales team have really bought into it and we?ve already created our list of links to self motivation and sales training sites.

I wish all websites had a link instruction at the bottom of their pages like the one on this site it would make it a lot easier. In our team meetings we look at the sites being put forward for inclusion and vote on whether they should go on the list of links.

When I presented how I was using this motivation technique in the team leader meeting I got great feedback from the head of the department. I also noticed little signs of envy from my colleagues, and looks that said, I wish I'd thought of that. It has really scored me some points and raised my profile in the call centre.

The next step is to talk with the product development guys and get some links to product information and specification pages that we can use. Marketing are also putting together a new page for our company Intranet site so we can get the latest information at the click of a mouse.

Much of the internal company and product information was already there, but not always easy to find while the sales team are on the phone to a prospect. By putting it all on one list with headings and categories it's made it simple to click on the link while they are talking to customers.

Click the link to see the workplace motivation ideas on the sales team training page.

Comment from Stephen Craine:

Thanks for your comments. I'm glad the sales team training technique has worked well for you. You might want to look at adding your competitor's websites to your link list as well if you haven't already.

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