Small Business Help To Increase Sales

Small business help is here to give you sales training and sales tips to increase your sales and grow your business.

As a small business owner you may be an expert in your field.

You know your products and your services.

But you can't be an expert in all the areas needed to develop your small business.

In this section of the site you can get small business help with the sales and marketing needed to make your business grow.

Germinate new ideas, help them grow, and make effective use of your advantages over your larger competitors.

You already work harder than many employed managers.

You're doing several jobs at the same time in your business. You may not have selling experience, or sales training, but all businesses need to sell.

All the pages in this section have something to offer small businesses to help increase sales and generate new and profitable ideas.

What to charge for your small
business sales

How do you know what to charge for the products and services you sell online?

This free training course will give you the small business help to answer all your questions on how to calculate what to charge.

The course covers background pricing theory, key business models, target market profiling, the importance of the perceived value of your product or service, and much more. Everything you need to make a profitable pricing decision when starting an online business.

Open What to charge and start using this free training course.

Small business marketing tips on pricing

Techniques on pricing your products and offering prices that prevent pricing objections. By bundling together combinations of your products you can make it difficult for customers to compare prices and stop cheap competitors taking your sales.

You may not have the buying power of the large organisations but there are many benefits to the flexibility you can use when marketing your business.

See more at Small business marketing tips on pricing.

Sales tips for small business

Sales tips for small business is aimed at small businesses owners, managers, and self employed people. It's a small business help page that gives you sales techniques and sales training.

There are ideas to create more ideas on how to sell your products and services.

Ways you can gain an advantage by packaging your products in sales bundles.

And Avoiding common mistakes that you might not be aware you are making. Open Small business sales tips and move your sales to anew level.

Free sales training for small businesses

A complete sales training course in a workbook that's a great small business help to generate new sales.

Help your sales with this free sales course that gives you:

A quick and easy way to build a stunning sales introduction.

How to use the sales stages and create a process for selling.

Start to work on closing the sale from the first few minutes.

A sales course, and small business help, that I have used with my working sales teams and now you can have the Free sales training workbook course and you can open it today and start using now.

How to set small business sales targets

Setting and hitting small business sales targets is vital if you want to achieve your sales plan.

Learn how to calculate individual sales targets for your sales people. Look at how to motivate and reward your team, and see the two areas of sales training that you must focus on to be successful.

Open Small business sales targets and make target setting and achieving easy.

How to motivate yourself or your team to take more sales actions

How to motivate you or your sales team to take more of the actions that could lead to closing more sales.

This motivational sales technique was sent in by one of our visitors to the site and has received great feedback from the sales people that have used it.

It can work as a sales team motivation game, a self motivation tool, or way to monitor which sales actions and activity you need to do more of. Take a look at how to motivate yourself or your team and give this great technique a try.

Small business marketing ideas and tips

A page full of marketing ideas and tips for small business. Free information on the latest technology and how to use it to generate more sales leads for your small business.

Many large businesses are being left behind when it comes to contact with their prospects and existing customers. This leaves their customer base vulnerable and with the right small business help you can take advantage of that weakness.

Learn how to take advantage of this situation and make sure you don't get left behind by opening Sales and marketing ideas for small businesses.

Handling stress as a small business owner

An interview with a successful small business owner on how to handle stress.

Running a small business makes many demands on your resources that can lead to stress. It's an ever changing role that requires you to change with it. Handling stress as a small business owner is crucial to achieving successful results and maintaining your quality of life.

Read this fascinating interview and pick up tips on stress management at Handling Stress as a small business owner.

Feel the electrifying
Sales Buzz

Remember the Buzz you feel when you close a deal or smash through another sales target. That electrifying emotional high when you win an important sale, and get the commission.

The free sales training newsletter is called The Sales Buzz

The Sales Buzz free sales information and training for self employed and small business sales people.

With the newsletter small businesses and self employed people can keep up to date and get free sales training tips and techniques.

Unusual sales and motivation techniques that you won't find on sales courses.

And ideas for growing existing businesses and starting new ones, especially for those looking to start their own small business online.

Get your free copy and click through all the back issues on the free newsletter sales training page.

A great package, and it’s completely free

When you take the free sales training newsletter you get a free copy of Need to Close Chains.

A quick-fire sales training technique that builds new neural pathways to give you practical selling skills, and control over your sales motivation.

Follow the link and see what you can have by clicking the free newsletter sales training or the image above and get your free copy of Need to Close Chains.

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Sales training that can benefit all small businesses

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