Sales objection handling technique

"...Although I understand your concern, I am sure you would understand it better... so please tell he how I can help you in that regard..."

If a prospect has a concern (assuming there is a basic trust relationship), you may ask him/her: "...sir/ma'am, if you were in my shoes, how would you handle that kind of concern, sir/ma'am..."

The advantages are obvious:

(1) If he/she could not really answer - and just smiles, the concern is not a real concern. There is another real concern that should be extricated and handled.

(2) There is a "good" chance that he/she will give some indicative answer/s...then you know what and how to handle the concern/s.

(3) This "technique" is laced with humor. People would like to do business with people with a good sense of humor.

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Comment from Stephen Craine

Thanks for the sales objection technique Leo.

It's great to see sales techniques that require humour and relationship building. Too many sales trainers forget one of our most effective selling tools, our personality.

The above technique will take confidence and practice, and I would expect the results are worth the effort.

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