Shoe sales for major company

(Los Angeles)

I'm am very new to shoe and apparel sales. So far I have done quite well for myself. I am working on intros to customer, but how do I respond when a customer simply says I'm just browsing?

Comment from Stephen Craine

Many people would answer this question by giving a list of smart responses you could make. But think about it differently and a whole new perspective will open up.

When the customer says they are, 'just browsing,' that is a response to something you have said, or a question that you have asked.

So rather than look for a good response to this line, instead you could change what it is that you are saying that gives the customer the opportunity to say they are just browsing.

In short, create a great introduction that grabs the customer's attention and leads them along the sales stages. Here is a page that will give you some great ideas, open Retail Sales Tips...

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