by tony

The objection Send me some information.

Yes we have all had that one at sometime, some more than others. My intial reaction would be to agree to send out information,"yes thats fine Mr/Mrs"

Then what would you continue the sentence with?

I would be interested in your views on this objection.

Comment from Stephen Craine

One thing I have noticed over the years I have been involved in sales and telesales, is the reaction by customers to certain words.

I have often heard customers ask for information if the sales person has used the word 'interested' in their sales pitch.

For example: Is that something you would be interested in. Used as a trial close to test the sale so far.

If you are using this in your sales pitch I would consider changing it and seeing the effect.

Answering the objection


You don't say what you sell. It is easier to answer for some products than others.

If this is an objection to a sales appointment, then one way to answer it is to give a really good reason why they should meet with you rather than look at information. For example something about their premises, or a site survey.

Let them write their own information

If this is in response to you trying to close a sale, look at why they may want information, and how you can give them that information now and continue with the sale.

Some buyers need to see information, or even have something they can touch. It's just their strategy for buying, they may not even be aware of it.

Explain that any information you could send would be general, and that you can give them precise information, that is specific to them, and ask them to get a pen and paper.

Add a good reason why they should do this. A benefit for them. With this information they will see exactly what your product will do for them.

You then continue with your sales presentation while they make notes.

Give these answers a try and please let us know how you get on.

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