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Comment from Stephen Craine

Hi Smita, thank you for your question on how to start sales for a restaurant and banquets.

I would start with two seperate campaigns to attract customers.

1. Marketing to a wide range of potential customers.

2. A sales campaign aimed at specific prospects.

Marketing to a wide range of customers

There are many types of marketing that you can use for a restaurant and banquets. The success of te marketing will depend on you choosing teh right one.

First, I would define the types of customer that you are trying to attract. This could be:

  • Corporate and business customers

  • High end quality diners

  • Adults, families, or specialize in children's meals

  • Special occassion diners or fast food for passing trade

  • And most importantly, how much they will pay for a meal

The more you can define your target customers the more accurately you can market your restaurant.

Once you have defined your customers you can write a list of why they should eat at your restaurant.

These are the benefits that your business can offer your customers.

For more information on using the benefits of your business see Sales Presentation Tips.

Now select the marketing medium you are going to use.

Choose a way of advertising your restaurant that will reach your chosen customer group. Think about the advertising they will see, and communicate your benefits to them.

If you are looking for corporate diners then you would advertise in a way that will be seen and heard by business people.

This could be business publications, mailshots to businesses, on transport routes that will be seen by commuters.

Also take a look at these ideas on Marketing Ideas and Tips.

A big sales and marketing tip is: Do not spend all your budget too soon.

Look at a long term campaign to build up your business over time. You want to use repeat advertising. Whether it is handing out flyers, local radio, media advertising, or building a website to attract customers, make your budget last.

Take a look at these great examples of how businesses like yours have increased their local business by using the Internet, open How SBI can help you build your local business.

A sales campaign aimed at specific prospects

As well as using the above marketing campaign you can start a sales campaign to target specific repeat customers.

If you have a specific type of customer that you want to target then look at contacting them personally to show them what they can gain.

Whether you do this by telephone, letter, or meeting with them, there is one very important thing you must have.

You must have a reason for your call, visit, or letter. This will be in your sales introduction to the customer.

For free sales training on how to do this see Cold call sripts for a stunning introduction. These are telephone techniques that work just as well in letters and face to face visits.

Who are your target customers to contact

I know many restaurants that use marketing to attract their public customers in the evening, and sales appointments to attract regular corporate customers during the daytime.

This doubles their business. They have an additional market during teh day. They add benefits to companies that encourage staff and business contacts to use their restaurant.They deliver banquets to business locations.

Once agian write a list of the major benefits you can offer to a corporate customer. Then contact them and present the benefits of using your restaurant.

Other possible target markets

All groups, clubs, and regular gatherings of people are a target for your sales campaign.

Getting a group of people to use your restaurant or have a regular banquet delivered is very profitable regular income.

The main points of sales and marketing for your business

1. Clearly define your customers.

2. Write a list of the benfits you can offer each type of customer.

3. Choose which methods of marketing and sales you are going to use.

4. Make your budget last so you can run repeat campaigns.

5. Most importantly, take action and make it work.

I wish you the very best of luck with your business.

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