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Sales training resources for you to click around and see what’s right for you.

In this section of the site we give you training materials from a sales perspective.

Business articles that have been published all around the web, and links to many other resources, including subliminal message training. 

So scan down the page and click on whatever catches you’re eye...

Sales Training Resource - Business Articles 

Business articles related to selling, training, marketing, motivation, and every aspect of business from a sales perspective.

The articles are written by me, Stephen Craine, and they come from 25 years experience as a sales manager and trainer in a range of very different roles.

Many have been published on other websites, blogs, and in mail-outs and ezines. 

I also submit articles to Linked In and I’m a Diamond Expert Author on Ezine

You can use the articles to support training, for your personal development, or as a discussion point in meetings.

I’m happy for any of the articles to be used as website content, or in blogs or mail-outs, on the condition that the link and author name at the end of each of the articles is published with them. And I would be very grateful, if you like the articles, if you would click the like buttons and share on any social media that you are on. Have a click around the Business Articles Section


Sales Training Resources - Small Business Section 

As a small business owner you may be an expert in your field. You know your products and your services, but you might not have experience or training in sales.

Many small business owners have to sell their products or services and if you haven’t done it before we have tips, ideas, and sales training resources to get you started and then to keep on developing.  In this section of the site you can get help with the sales and marketing needed to make your business grow, open the Small Business Help Section.


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4 Sales Training Courses in One Package

All 4 sales training courses in one complete package and with a special 30% discount on the usual price.

In this training course package you get:

1. Making Sales Appointments by Telephone

2. Selling Success using a sales process

3. Overcoming Sales Objections

4. How to Close a Sale

These 4 Sales Training Courses have increased sales for:

Employed sellers,
Small business owners,
Self employed people who sell their own services.

And they have been used by managers to train their teams.

A professional training course that will give you increased sales and job security.

See more information and how you can start using all 4 courses today by opening 4 Sales Training Courses...

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