Sales training does not work

by J Buckman. Pro salesman

Sales training does not work. Millions of dollars are wasted every year on sales courses that don't generate any extra sales. Corporate giants and small start ups spend massive budgets on bringing in outside training companies and get no return on their investment.

After a sales training course you might witness a small increase to your sales force results. But it is usually short lived, and due to an increase in motivation, which is a by product of sales training.

I have never seen a salesman, or woman, sell more for any length of time, after attending a sales training course.

You can't instill a lasting change of any significance by sending someone on a short course to learn sales skills.

I have seen it many times in my sales career at different companies. A new training provider comes in, presents the training, picks up their check, and leaves. A small increase in sales then back to where things were before the training. Next year another company and round we go again.

Salesmen get distracted with the day to day problems we all face. The new sales methods they were shown get forgotten, and they go back to the same old ways of selling that they have always used.

Yet they keep doing it. Big organisations, and small companies, spending their money on training courses. Many external training providers don't understand your industry, or your potential buyers. How can they train your sales force?

Sales training has to be backed up and supported by follow up coaching and supportive management, to have any effect. But how often do you see managers being sent on a course that is aimed at directly supporting the sales staff when they have attended their training course.

The people I see becoming successful are the ones that keep on investing in their own skills, they are motivated and want to acheive better results and improve their lot in life.

To become successful you must build sales skills that work. You do this by looking for ideas that others have used and using them yourself.

All you big spenders wasting your money, stop! Spend it on something useful that will contribute to the business.

Sales training is an ongoing process that has to be provided in small chunks, and supported in the field.

Comment from Stephen Craine

It's great to see someone voicing an opinion and not sitting on the fence.

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