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Sales Training can increase results and make more money
by: Michael B. UK Communications sales

My experience has been that sales training on its own doesn't work. In my last job we got sales training thrown at us, but then it was forgotten.

Like the previous comments from Louise, the managers didn't go on the courses. They didn't know how we were being trained to sell. When they came out with us in the field they had no idea what selling structure we were following.

They would often give us feedback that contradicted the selling techniques we had been shown. This created a situation where you did it one way in the training room and another in the field. A total waste of time.

Actions to make sales training work

1. For any sales training to work a salesman, like me, has to be trained in the way we are going to sell in the field.

2.The company, of any size, has to agree with the trainers, internal or external, on the message they are going to present

3.Managers must be trained on how to coach the same selling strategy.

4.And most important, it has to be tested in the field for the product, with real customers, and the increased results proven for all to see.

Comment from Stephen Craine

That last action is a really important one. This will not only test the benefits of the investment in training, it will get the sales teams motivated because they can see the proof of what's in it for them.

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Sales Training that Works
by: Louise, Sales Trainer

Sales training works. You can see the results within any good sales operation set-up.I absolutely disagree with the comments on; Sales Training Doesn't Work.

Sales people need training. Organisations that rely on sales must have sales training to compete in the market place.

Individuals and the company all benefit from good sales training.

They get new selling techniques, refresh old skills that they have forgotten or got out of the habit of using.

They get new motivation and I see them leave my sales training sessions wound up and ready to go.

There may be some people that could get by without sales training. There are some companies that survive without investing in sales training. But how much more could they sell if they had good sales training from a goood training provider with a history of increasing sales for others.

I admit there is some pretty poor sales skills training going on out there. But isn't that true in any walk of life. The companies and people that are willing to search out the best training from all sources, presenters, online, books, articles etc, are the ones that will get the best results from the money they invest in their training budget.

For sales training to give a good return and increase sales and revenue, it reqiuires 3 things to happen.

1. Good sales skills training, that is appropriate for the type of sale.

2. The company must support the training with follow up training, and managment training so they can continue the actions after the training has been presented.

3. The sales people must buy into it and be motivated to use the selling techniques that have been presented to them.

Put these 3 things into place and you will increase your sales results.

Comment from Stephen Craine

Some great points presented by Louise. What's your view, click the comments link and share your experience. Does sales training work?

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