Sales Tips They Don't Teach on Training Courses

Sales tips from my experience as a working sales manager that you won't see on training courses.

Sales and marketing tips that include:

  • How to sell anything
  • Focus your actions to get the best results
  • Small business marketing ideas
  • Creating a professional sales image
  • Sales secrets used by working professionals

And a whole range of tips and ideas that will make your sales techniques more effective and help you to close more sales.

Sales tips for sales professionals and self employed and small business owners.

I'm Stephen Craine and I'm a working sales manager. The selling tips you'll discover here come from my experience as a working sales manager and trainer.

Sales training can be really effective. But often there are sales tips that make the training work in real sitautions.

In this section of the site you'll find those tips that will make you more effective, increase your results, and make you more money.

So have a click around the topics on this main page of the sales tips section and see what you can gain...

Free sales training

Throughout this site there is free sales training for you to use, save, download, and you can even pass it on to friends and colleagues.

...If you run a sales team pass on this free sales training to them..

Here I have gathered all the free sales training together for you to use. No obligation to buy anything and we don’t even ask for you to register with us or enter your email address

For free sales training on: Selling techniques, basic sales training, and sales appointment making, open Free Sales Training and click around.

A 3 step process to increase sales

This selling tip is a 3 step process that I have used with my teams to incease sales.

If you have ever wondered what action to take, or got confused over what you get the most benefit personally from selling, then this page is for you,

Open the page with a Selling Tip - 3 step process to increase sales...

Elevator Pitch techniques on sales introductions

Watch this short video clip and spot the common sales mistakes people make in the introduction stages of a sale. Then see sales tips on using elevator pitch techniques to build a great sales introduction for any type of selling role.

Open Elevator Pitch sales techniques and see how you can improve your sales introduction.

Tips on Closing Techniques

3 Sales tips on closing techniques that will make closing the sale more effective and a lot easier.

Add this sales training to your pitch and increase sales as you build closing techniques into your selling process.

These are the 3 most important parts of closing the sale. Get these right then add more to your sales process. See more at Closing Techniques...

Sales tips on how to close the sale

A short video clip that shows why many sales people fail to close sales.

See these valuable tips on when to close a sale to get the best results. Using a sales process you can time your closing question so you ask for the order at just the right moment.

Too early and you will not have convinced the buyer to make the right decision. Too late and you've lost their attention. Watch the video, get the sales closing tips at How to close the sale.

Alternative closing technique

The alternative closing technique is old fashioned, out of date, and buyers know all about it.

But read this page and find out how you can develop it to work in a modern sales situation and help you to close more sales. See what you can do with these ideas at Closing a sale.

Tips on how to increase sales

Free tips on how to increase sales by looking at where your actions are guaranteed to be effective. This sales training looks at which stages of the sales you should focus your selling time on to be able to close more sales.

Open How to increase sales and you'll see how sales training can be targeted at key selling actions to give you the best return on your investment by increasing your sales results.

Small business sales and marketing ideas

Small business sales and marketing ideas using cost effective communication. See small business sales ideas on how regular marketing contact with customers and prospects can be easily put into place and increase your small business sales.

For some great marketing ideas that are already being used by successful small businesses open Small business marketing ideas.

How to sell anything

How to sell anything is a page for anyone that wants a basic path path to follow when selling.

Whether you sell face to face, over the telephone, or using the written word, this page will give you a quick taste of the basics of selling.

See more at How to sell anything.

Direct sales tips

If you make direct sales to the public you know there are challenges you face that are specific to your type of sale.

This section on direct sales looks at how to motivate a buyer to move with you through the sales process. The use of negative and positive sales motivation techniques to get action from your buyer.

I've also included selling tips on how to control the environment, seating arrangements and dealing with distractions. See these sales tips at Direct selling tips.

Sales secrets used by successful professionals

There are 3 sales secrets used by successful working professionals. They use these tips to focus their actions on achieving results.

When you use these 3 sales secrets to guide your actions and sales activity you will become more effective. Your sales results will incease because everything you do will be working towards your goals.

Open Sales Secrets and learn the sales tips used by and proven by others.

Create a professional image

The image you create with how you dress, and the accessories you surround yourself with, speak to the customer before you do.

These sales tips are focused on creating the right image in relation to your customers, your product, and your market place. They will start to work from the buyer's very first sight of you.

Learn the way professional sales people make decisions about what to wear, how to look, and even which car to drive, by opening professional selling skills on building your image.

Influencing customers to close the deal now

This page gives you sales tips on how to influence customers to close the deal now using time bound motivators.

We all get customers that want to put off their decision until a later time. Use these sales closing techniques and give your buyer a reason to buy from you now. See more at Influencing customers to buy now.

Sales scripts to discover secret desires

Learn how to sell using sales scripts that discover a prospect's secret desires.

Often a buyer will want something from a product that they don't want to share with you, or the people with them. If you can find these secret desires you will close more sales and earn more money.

See the page that will show you how to discover the real benefits that a buyer wants at Sales scripts to discover a prospect's desires.

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