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Sales tips for small business is aimed at small businesses owners, managers, and self employed people.

Small businesses have major strengths that they can use when selling their products and services. Using these strengths, and avoiding common mistakes, can make a major impact on sales results. And give you a great advantage over large comepetitors.

On this page you’ll find sales tips for small businesses on:

  • How to make the most of your small business advantage
  • The sales strengths of a small business
  • Packaging your products and services
  • Avoiding common mistakes

If you have not yet included the internet as part of your business plan I recommend you seriously consider these sales tips for small business:

No matter what type of business you own, the Internet is a great sales tool to help you achieve small business success.

If you're not online yet, or if you're not getting the success you want from the Internet, look at the options to grow your business online.

The Internet offers opportunities to increase sales for all types of businesses.

Local hard goods, to worldwide e-commerce, the Internet will work to increase your sales and generate new leads.

You must use a professional partner with proven success to get your small business online.

For more information click the screen image above, sit back and relax, and watch a brief video from the company I used to help me build this website.

A key sales tip for small businesses

A key sales tips for small business is to use the major strength of flexibility.

In all types of small business sales, the small business and self employed business person can provide a package that fits the buyer's requirements better than most large companies.

Retail, distribution, direct sales to the public, field sales, telesales, product suppliers or service providers, the small business has a great advantage.

Small businesses have the flexibility to provide the customer with what they want and with limited or no waste.

When a customer buys a fixed option from large organisations there will be part of the product or service that they may not need but still pay for because it's a set package.

Consider this example

A prospect wants to buy a computer. They have an idea of what they want it to do and the types of programmes they need.

They visit a big computer store and they’re asked a few questions. Then they are shown a ready made computer that is the closest to what they want.

There are programmes and accessories included in the computer package that the customer doesn’t want.

But it’s a fixed package and a set price. They have to choose from a set product range.

Some compromise may have been made by the customer on what the fixed packages offer, so the purchase stays within their budget.

There may be a programme or a benefit they want from the computer that they can’t get because it’s not included.

...Why does every computer store sales assistant presume you are going to spend most of your time playing games?..

A small independent computer business could have the flexibility to give the buyer exactly what they want. Made to their specifications. No wasted programmes or add-ons.

The buyer gets exactly what they want without having to make any compromises or pay for features they will not use.

The sales tips for small business are:

Make flexibility a major selling point of your business by giving the customer what they want rather than selling rigid packages that only partly meet the buyer's needs.

Packaging your products and services

These sales tips for small business are nothing to do with the physical packaging of a product. They're about making the most of how you bundle your products together to meet the buyer's specific needs.

The sales skill here is to get the right balance of flexibility with a product range that can be sold and supplied. One way I have found to do this is to think in terms of modules.

A number of small modules of the products or services you supply that can be bundled together to make the ideal personalised package for each customer.

This has proved a really effective sales tip for small businesses.

Breaking down your service into modules, and pricing each one so you can quickly give a total price to the customer.

For more on presenting solutions to the custome take a look at Sales Presentation Tips.

Package building allows the customer to tell you what they want, and you can present your product made up of the smaller modules, and price it accordingly.

Think of it like ordering a Chinese meal. A banquet made up of lots of smaller dishes so it is designed by the customer to meet their specific needs.

How I use these sales tips for small business on flexibility

As a sales trainer I am contacted by people that ask me if I can supply training to meet their needs.

They have often used, or contacted, large training companies that offer set training courses. These can be really good for general sales training, but for targeting specific areas of sales training they are not flexible enough to achieve great results.

When I’ve questioned the buyer’s needs I can then present them a package built up in modules of training that meets their specific requirements. I know the cost of each module so i can give a complete inclusive price of the package that best suits their needs.

Sales tips on small business sales skills

For the sales tips on flexibility to work effectively you must remember that flexibility can overwhelm a buyer if not presented using good sales techniques.

...For more information on sales skills and how to sell open the Sales Skills main page then come back here to sales tips for small business and continue..

To demonstrate the sales tips for small business on how to use flexibility to sell your products and services in modules, let's go back to our computer sales example.

A customer may have an idea of what they want to do on their new computer. But if you give them a blank sheet of paper, and ask them to list everything they want, most wouldn’t know where to start. They would be overwhelmed and put off the task of buying until another day.

The list would come into their head randomly. Some required features would be missed. Some would be included and then crossed out. They would stop and ask your advice on what is possible.

The sales tip is to use good sales skills to question the buyer's needs and lead the customer through the sales process.

Use your expertise and experience to make suggestions to the customer. Use the sales tip for small business and help them design their own product or service from what you can offer. This again is a value addition to the service you can provide compared to many large businesses.

Small business help main page

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To see what else you can take away and use for your benefit open the small business help page.

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