Sales Skills Proven to
Increase Sales

The Sales Skills in this section of the site are proven by working sales professionals to increase sales.

There are sales techniques for those new to sales.

Advanced selling skills for the more experienced.

Sales training on how to put the skills into action and get the best results.

Effective sales training for small business sales, and self employed people, selling their own goods and services,

And all the sales techniques are wrapped around a sales process.

A process that shows you how to sell, using sales stages.

From your first introduction to the buyer, through to closing the sale.

In this section of the sales training website you can boost your effectiveness on every stage of the sales process.

How to get the most from this
sales skills training

Target the selling techniques you want to improve and pick up what you need to increase your sales.

Choose whether you want:

Short burst of sales skills training from the webpages

The free sales training courses offered

Or to rapidly increase your sales results and small business sales with the professional training courses available

You can also ask questions that are important to you and will help you to achieve your goals and grow your small business

What makes this sales skills
training different

I’m a working sales manager that relies upon the results of this sales training for my income and to keep my job.

All the sales techniques you’ll find here have been developed in the field, with real customers, not in sales classrooms.

There’s nothing added to make the sales training more attractive or marketable.

No claims to have discovered the ultimate sales closing technique.

What you will get are sales skills that in my experience have proven to work, and have allowed me, and my sales teams, to enjoy a successful sales career.

The Sales Skills training
you can discover here

Scan down the list of topics and click the ones that interest you. You can learn sales skills on individual sales stages, or the complete sales process.

There's also free sales training and a professional sales course that you can download and start using now. So have a click around and keep coming back for more updates...

Sales 101 - training for people new to sales

I was asked to present some very basic sales skillsfor people just starting out in their sales careers. This basic sales training became known as Sales 101.

The brief sales process proved very successful for people that have started working for themselves and for small business sales people.

The sales 101 page will give you a sales process that you can quickly put into action, and you will see the main points about basic selling techniques.

If you want sales training for beginners open Sales 101.

Sales training on how to sell using
a sales process

Use a sales process and you get consistent sales results. You’ll know where you are and what to say at all times during a sale, and you’ll know what you have to do next to close the sale.

The sales process is a way of using sales stages to get from the first introduction to a customer, to closing the sale. Once you have a good understanding of this sales technique you can add all your existing sales skills to your sales process.

You can get an overview of what this important sales technique will do for you by opening the Sales Process and how to use it.

The Sales Introduction is where
selling starts

Get your sales introduction right and the customer moves with you to the next stage of the sales process. Get it wrong and lose their attention, you may never get a chance to use your sales skills.

You can learn how to build a great sales introduction in just a few minutes. Open Sales Introduction techniques and see what you can add to your important first minutes of a sale.

Sales Questioning skills

These are sales skills often overlooked by inexperienced sales people that would rather work on sales closing techniques. This is where you discover what you need to sell to your customer, what it is they really want. Give yourself an advantage and spend some time developing a structure to your sales questions.

Do you know how to use real open questions and follow them with sales questions on specific detail? If you get this sales stage right the buyer will write your sales presentation for you. Open Questioning Techniques and make selling easier for yourself.

Sales Presentation skills

This is the sales stage I really enjoy. You’ve built a nice relationship with your sales introduction, and your sales questions have given you everything you need to know to sell to your customer.

Now you use all your sales skills to present benefits that the buyer wants and then lead smoothly into the next sales stage and close the deal. Pick up some effective sales training on presenting skills and enjoy the results you get. Open Sales Presentation skills and make selling easier and enjoyable for yourself.

Sales Presentation Training Test

Take the test on this page and see if your sales presentation is effective. This test will show you how customer focused your current sales presentation is, and show you how to make it work even better towards closing the sale. Take the test at Sales Presentation training test.

Sales Closing skills

If you follow the sales training in the presentation stage of the sale you will find closing the sale a lot easier. You can close a sale with two simple closing questions. I see many sales people put a lot of work into getting through the sales stages, then lose the sale because of poor sales closing skills.

Add sales skills on closing to your sales techniques and open Closing the deal.

Emotional and impulse sales closing techniques

Do your products or services touch the emotions and impulses of your customers?

You can see sales techniques on using closing techniques that work on the buyer’s emotions and impulses to close the sale. Take a look on this alternative sales closing at Sales Closing techniques that work on an emotional level.

Sales closing technique

Sales closing technique developed from an old direct sales trick that can be adapted to give you a way to convert prospects that you thought you had lost into paying customers.

This is a great selling technique that can be adapted to work for any type of sale and any marketplace.

A proven sales technique that can yield great results and give you the best return on any investment in sales prospect list and marketing. To try this out for yourself open Sales closing technique

Free Sales Training

More advanced than the Free Basic Sales Training at the top of the page. This is sales skills based around sales stages and selling with a sales process.

Completely free, and designed for those, like you, that want a bit more detail to the sales training offered on these pages of the website. You can see it, use it, save it to your PC, and pass it on to anyone that you think may benefit.

A free sales training course that you can start using now to increase your sales, and grow your business.

Overcoming Sales Objections

They stand between you and the sale. The sales skills needed for handling sales objections are so important that there is a whole section of this website dedicated to sales objection techniques.

Go to the Sales Objections section main page and invest in sales training that will earn you more money.

Sales stages training

Sales stages training shows you how to motivate your customers to move to each step of the sales process.

You may be great at each of the sales stages, but can you give your buyer a reason to take that next step and move with you evr closer to closing the sale.

This is sales training that is often ignored by classroom sales trainers. But it is essential if you want to increase your sales results. See how easy it is to use at Sales stages training...

Retail sales tips and training

Learn how to approach retail customers with confidence at your shop, showroom, or forecourt. Move away from tired old introductions that don't work.

With these retail sales tips you can build an instant relationship with prospects that will lead to closing the sale. To see more open Sales Retail sales tips.

Sales negotiation training

If you have flexibility on the price you sell or the package you offer, you need to know how to negotiate to close a sale. Did you know there are two places that sales negotiations take place. One is in the real world, the other... you can find by clicking Sales negotiation techniques.

Sales Skill Training to Create Rapport and Build Relationships

It's not just what you say that will increase your sales, it's the way that you say it. The attitude you assume, the rapport you create with the prospect, and the relationship you build.

Learn how to create rapport with sales skill training that shows you the best communication skills at each stage of the sale. Open Sales skill training and add a new dimension to your selling skills.

Put sales training into action

See a full page on tips to put professional sales training into action.

When you, or your team, have attended a training course, read a book, or used a sales training DVD or CD, what's the best way to put this training into action?

See how professional sales managers sugest that you turn sales training into action at Professional sales training tips.

Don’t just look at it
Use it!

You’ve seen the sales training that’s available, now you have a choice. You can read it, scan through the bits that interest you, and think ‘Yeah, that could get me more sales.’

Or, you can decide to take some action and put these sales skills to work for you. If it looks confusing, or there’s just too much to choose from, don’t worry. Select what you want, the sales techniques that will benefit you the most. Is it one particular stage of the sales process, or is it putting the whole process into action?

Then decide how far you want to go, and serious you are about achieving your goals.

You can:

Use the sales training on the pages of each selling stage.

Click on the free sales training courses.

Invest in one of the professional training courses available at the Sales and training solution shop.

The free sales training newsletter for the site is called The Sales Buzz

The Sales Buzz is delivered to your in box and has the latest sales training updates to the site, so you can see if you want more information.

Articles and ideas all related to giving you the sales skills to be successful and achieve your personal goals through your sales career.

When you take the free sales training newsletter you get a free copy of Need to Close Chains.

A quick-fire sales training technique that builds new neural pathways to give you practical selling skills, and control over your sales motivation.

Open the Free Newsletter Sales Training or click on the image.

A great package, and it’s completely free

The Need to Close Chain is a sales training tool that will build a smooth path from the buyer’s needs to closing the sale.

You can use it to build new sales presentations, and increase the effectiveness of your sales pitch.

It’s also a great way of getting into a motivated sales state between sales appointments.

Follow the link and see what this free sales training tool can do for you, by opening the free newsletter sales training or click the image and get your free copy of Need to Close Chains.

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