Sales Secrets of Professional Selling Skills

Sales secrets that focus professional sales training on only the actions that will make the best use of your professional selling skills and quickly multiply your sales results

There are 3 simple secrets that professional sales people know and use when deciding which actions to take to increase their sales and grow their business.

  • Make more sales appointments
  • Convert more sales appointments into sales
  • Increase the average sale value

Consider the 3 professional sales training actions above

There are no other actions you can take to increase your sales and grow your business.

...It sounds too simple right? ..Can you think of any other actions?

That’s the simple sales secrets that successful career sales people use to focus their professional sales skills on the area of their activity that needs increasing. Don’t waste your time on actions and sales training that won’t make a difference or that you are already getting results from.

If you’re not making as many sales as you would like to, are you getting in front of enough potential buyers.

If you have a full diary of sales appointments is it your sales closing skills that need improving to convert more appointments into closed sales.

Have you got a full diary and a good closing ratio? You can still increase your rewards by increasing your average order value.

These are the sales actions that will increase your sales, grow your business, and give you the rewards.

How to use the sales secrets

Use the 3 simple sales secrets by assessing your professional selling skills and deciding what actions to take to make more sales.

Are wasting your time and taking other actions that don't impact on one of the above 3 areas of your role?

There are two common mistakes that I see when I’m coaching sales people:

1. They take actions that are not related to the above 3 areas of their sales role. That means they are spending time on actions that will not grow their sales results.

2. They don’t assess which of the 3 areas need actions taking. For example they like sales appointment setting so they take actions related to it, even though it is closing or increasing average sales value that needs working on.

Assess your sales performance and use the sales secrets

Which of your professional selling skills would benefit from some focus?

What parts of the sales process are you really good at? Are there any of the 3 areas of the sales secrets that you would like to become more proficient at? Take a look at this sales secrets check list and assess yourself to find the most productive actions to increase your sales or grow your small business.

Sales Secrets 1: Making sales appointments

Do you make enough sales appointments to achieve your sales target or your personal goals?

If you are converting many of your sales appointment into sales, and you have a good average sale value, then you can work on making more sales appointments. Make more appointments and you will continue to convert the same percentage of appointments into sales. So the more appointments the more sales you will close.

Consider the following actions:

  • Look for professional sales training on appointment setting
  • Invest more time in prospecting and making sales appointments
  • Come up with a really good reason why you are trying to make an appointment with a prospect

To see the sales appointment section of the site open the Appointment Setting main page and click around for free professional sales training.

The reason why you are calling a prospect is the most important line of any sales appointment call. Learn some great professional selling skills on the reason for the call by moving from sales secrets to how to cold call. You’ll see why the reason for the call is the most important line when appointment setting.

You can see the sales training I give my sales teams on making sales appointments by opening Sales Appointment Training on cold calling techniques.

Sales Secrets 2: Closing more sales

Do you want help to close more sales?

Many sales people give a great sales presentation but struggle to close the sale. The best way to close any sale, in any market place and in any industry, is to close throughout the sales process.

I don’t mean the old fashioned Always Be Closing (ABC of Sales) technique where you try and close the sale from the start. I mean you should start to gain agreement from the introduction stage of the sales process. These professional selling skills on closing build your sales closing into the sale. If this sounds like something that would help to increase your sales take a look at sales training on how to close a sale.

In your introduction stage of the sale you gain agreement to the sales process. You agree that you will ask some questions to find out their needs are and then present your best proposal to them. You check with the buyer that they are in a position to buy from you. If you are not familiar with building your own sales process you can get a Free Professional Sales Training book by clicking the link.

As you move through the sales process you continue to gain their agreement and work towards closing the sale.

When you get to the point where you ask for the sale it can be a simple closing question because you have used your professional selling skills throughout the sale.

Even a short simple sales pitch, such as a low value retail sale, can benefit from this professional sales training idea on sales closing.

Invest some time and become confident at closing sales.

Good professional sales training on closing sales will reward you many times over.

It is one of the most important sales secrets, and by learning how to close the sale you will increase sales and grow your business.

For more sales training on how to close a sale click the link.

Sales Secrets 3: Increase average sale value

Get more from each sale by increasing the average value of each sale you make.

Many sales people are happy to gain a sale and frightened of trying to increase the sale value in case they lose the sale altogether. One way to stop this is to make the sale, get it all agreed, signed, and sealed, and then sell more. This can be done either at the same time as the main sale, or on another visit.

When looking at how to use this sales secret consider the different ways you can add value to your sales:

  • Increase the number of items bought by using discounts and bulk buy prices.
  • Increase the range of items bought by showing how they work together.
  • Sell the highest priced item first and then present lower value add ons.
  • Present your products and services in neat packages that complement each other and give one inclusive price.

Increasing average sale value is one of the most rewarding but underused professional sales skills.

By simply increasing your average sales value you are getting more return for each sale.

To use this sales secret well you need to build a really effective sales process.

See professional sales training and a sales training course in a complete workbook that you can download and start using to increase your sales today.

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